Thursday, March 26, 2015

CD Review: Seattle Band Ivan & Alyosha Want You To Know "It's All Just Pretend"

With a name like Ivan & Alyosha, you would think it was the name of a European folk duo, but you would be wrong. It is in fact the name of one of Seattle's hottest underground rock acts. This five-piece band received critical praise for their debut album "All The Times We Had," featuring the iTunes song of the week "Running For Cover." They are now preparing to release their sophomore album "It's All Just Pretend" on May 5th through Dualtone Music.
The new eleven-song release begins with the sweeping melodies of "Something Is Wrong" as Ivan & Alyosha look to take over where the Imagine Dragons are leaving off. They pick-up the tempo with the infectious rock groove of "Bury Me Deep," before heading into the album's lead-off single "All This Wandering Around." The gentle touch of "Tears In Your Eyes" shows the strength in their performance, adding emotion to their music without losing their identity. It's nice to see them incorporate some fun into their sound with the addition of horns on the pop swing of "Oh This Love" and also keep their rock edge with the grunge-like guitars of "Modern Man." The album closes with the soft, acoustic folk of "Don't Lose You Love," which brings it all back home when Ivan & Alyosha started out as a duo over seven years ago.
Once the album drops at the beginning of May, the band will be heading out on a 20-date U.S. tour. To find out more about their new album "It's All Just Pretend," please visit

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