Friday, April 17, 2015

CD Review: The Best Of Audio Fidelity's SACD Comes From The Guess Who

The Audio Fidelity label does not take on too many "greatest hits" albums in order to perfect the sound. The reason for this could be that the songs are so well known that cleaning up the audio would not matter to fans or that a band's "greatest hits" set is usually an album that was put together by the label for sales purposes. There is one such "greatest hits" album that Audio Fidelity sought out to make one of their latest Hybrid Multichannel SACD releases and it is from the seventies rock band, The Guess Who.
"The Best of The Guess Who" was originally released back in 1971 and has remained the same quality, until now. Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering mastered the dual Channel SACD from all the original masters and gave new life to some of the greatest rock songs of the sixties and seventies. The keyboards, bass, strings and horns of "These Eyes" simply jump from your speakers as the instruments are allowed to breathe on this new release from Audio Fidelity. The smooth jazzy delivery of "Undun" and the grunge-like guitars of "American Woman" have you listening to these songs again for the first time, discovering little things that have been overlooked in past releases of these songs. The unsung highlight of the album is the forgotten gem "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" that is more than just a folk song with a pulse. This remastered edition showcases the passion in Burton Cummings vocals, while the closing song "Hang On To Your Life" is a hard rocking anthem that achieves the band message of getting off drugs and enjoying the music.
This set also includes a miniature version of the original psychedelic poster  that was contained with the 1971 vinyl album. To find out more about the Hybird Multichannel SACD release of "The Best Of The Guess Who," please visit

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