Sunday, April 12, 2015

CD Review: The Grahams Are "Glory Bound" With New Album And Live Soundtrack

Husband and wife duo, The Grahams will be releasing their sophomore effort on May 19th entitled "Glory Bound." They will also be releasing a live documentary "Rattle And Hocks," digitally on the same date which talks about the relationship between the railroad and American roots music. The Grahams found their influence for this latest release from listening to "a lot of Woody Guthrie" according to lead singer Alyssa Graham.

The new twelve-song release begins with the slow-build up of the title song "Glory Bound" as the guitar strumming is sure to quicken your pulse and clap your hands to the rhythm. They find a country/blues groove in "Gambling Girl" and continue with the dark tones of the memories of "Blow Wind Blow." The pure country twang of "Kansas City" is infused with punk-like speed and energy keeping the music fun and contagious, before slowing down for the mellow love song for "Mama." They follow the same formula as the title song in "Biscuits" with the slow-build up as the entire band joins in the performance. The album finishes up with the countrfied, gospel-infused "Promised Land" as the Grahams use their Woody Guthrie influences to bring out their best.

The live album "Rattle And Hocks" co-insides with the documentary, but showcases some of their latest songs in a more raw setting that brings new energy to "Griggstown" and "Kansas City." The album also includes the unreleased "Tender Annabelle" and a cover of Arlo Guthrie's "City Of New Orleans," which sounds like it came straight from Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. The twelve-song soundtrack closes with everyone singing "Big John" into one microphone, with no instruments in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Memphis train station. To find out more about these two new releases from The Grahams, please visit

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