Monday, April 13, 2015

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Unleashes New Heavy Metal Music In April

Heavy metal music label, Metalblade Records is rolling out some hard-hitting thunder for the month of April, beginning with the latest release from Dutch death metal band Apophys. The name comes from the asteroid that is due to hit earth in the year 2029 as lead singer Kevin Quilligan explains how "fragile" our existence is on this planet. The music on this album entitled "Prime Incursion" is anything but fragile as they burst through the speakers with the machine gun drumming of "Dimensional Odyssey." The howling vocals and aggressive tone makes you not take this band lightly as they demand your full energy with songs like "Requiem For The Absurd" and "The Sentient." They dig deep with a heavier riff for "The Final Step," which takes away some of the speed, but not the intensity. To find out more about Apophys and their latest release "Prime Incursion," please visit their Facebook page at
Next up, is the latest release from Florida's death metal band Abiotic entitled "Casuistry." The band is currently on the road in support of the album, performing 33 shows in just over one month. The new nine-song release wastes no time diving into the adrenaline-fueled attack of "Believe The Unseen" and "Violent Scriptures." They switch tempos on "Cast Into The Depths" and display some amazing solos during "Nightmare Of Conception," before closing the album with the heavy treading of "Drain. Deface. Abolish." To find out more about Abiotic and their latest album "Casuistry," please visit their Facebook page at
Finally we get to the debut album from the newest progressive-metal band Native Construct with "Quiet World." After catching the ear of Metal Blade's Brian Slagel, the band was quickly brought into the studio to create some truly magical music. On the six-minute opener "Mute," the band combines elements of classical music with a hard-rocking seventies vibe, similar to the early days of Styx and Queen with a heavy metal overtone. The band's musicianship excels during the eight-minute "The Spark Of The Archon" and six-minute "Hell Or High Water" that is sure to turn heads with their hard rock-opera sound. To find out more about Native Construct and their latest release "Quiet World," please visit their Facebook page at

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