Saturday, April 25, 2015

CD Review: The Mighty Thor Gets "Unchained" With New Re-Release Of 1983 Album

Canadian heavy metal band Thor have become a cult fan favorite, especially overseas in Europe. Their beginnings hark back to their 1977 debut album "Keep The Dogs Away." It sold well in their home country, but did little elsewhere. It wasn't until their 1983 EP "Unchained" that Thor become one of the perfect bands for the heavy metal/hair metal movement happening in the U.S. and in Europe. They would stay together until 1987, when the band decided to break up and lead singer Jon Miki entered the world of acting. Thor reformed again in 2000 and have been releasing albums and building a bigger following ever since.

To remember the glory days of the eighties, Dead Line Music in association with Cleopatra Records is re-releasing Thor's "Unchained" EP along with six bonus tracks and also their 1982 EP "Lighting Strikes Again." Eighteen-songs blanket this release, smoldered with the eighties metal that was more about gimmicks and looks, than the music, but some of these songs have that lasting potential. Songs like "Anger," "Lazer Eyes" and "When Gods Collide" have a timeless quality to their metalness as they have that aggressive yet controlled tone to them. The bonus tracks also have that timeless heavy metal appeal beginning with "War Hammer" and the guitar riff driven "Ride From Hell," which at times has a Judas Priest feel to them. They present their speed metal with "Rag-Na-Rock" as this was the perfect setting for their brand of music. The addition of their earlier EP "Lightning Strikes Again" is a nice addition, but not needed since many of the songs are repeated from the more developed "Unchained" album.

Included with this new re-release is a bonus DVD with over two hours of concert footage, videos and behind the scenes footage that gives fans more insight into the world of Thor. There is also a 24-page booklet with a new essay by famed Los Angeles record producer Brian Kehew and a preview of the 20-page Thor comic book. To co-inside with this release, Thor will be hitting the road alongside the band's new documentary "I Am Thor." To find out more about this and all of Thor's latest news, please visit

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