Thursday, April 9, 2015

CD Review: New Independent Releases From Roxy Roca, Morello vs Masaru Mitsu And Gentlemen Rogues

From Austin, TX comes the latest release from soul rockers Roxy Roca entitled "Ain't Nothin' Fancy." It was released back in February through Stag Records and features a sound similar to Fitz And The Tantrums and Vintage Trouble. Their new eleven-song release begins with the funky swing of the title song "Ain't Nothin' Fancy (It's Love)" as the band introduce you to 40 minutes of energetic soul music. The album's lead single "Love Maker Deville" features the grit of Taye Cannon as he leads his seven-piece band through this high energy smash that will get your feet moving. They bring the tempo down for the slow grind of "I Don't Wanna Dream No More," before picking things back up with the wonderful horn section of "Try My Love." Roxy Roca bring in a little James Brown swing with "Cornbread," before slowing things down one more time for the passion of "When The Lights Go Down." The album closes with smooth jazziness of "It's Your Dream" as Roxy Roca have a bright future laying ahead of them. To find out more about Roxy Roca and their new album "Ain't Nothin' Fancy," please visit their Facebook page at

The latest release from Morello Music is the new album "The Duellists," which features British singer/songwriter/drummer Malcolm 'Sir Mal" Cross aka Morello teaming up with Japanese multi-instrumentalist Masaru 'Masa" Mitsu. With a constant theme of "struggle" running through the album, the music meshes together the best of funk, rock, dance and pop to create some great, fresh new music. The ten song release begins with the great rock rhythm of "In-A-City" as the lyrics are kept simple to make their point to the listener. The duo get their dance/pop side flowing with the addictive beats of "Some Families" and add a little soul to their sound with the Prince-like delivery of "European Ride." The hard rock drumming of "I Wanna Be Bad" turns this into the energetic highlight of the album, before slowing down the tempo for the smooth R&B flow of "The Time To Know You Well." The album finishes up with the quick, fun reminder of "Keys, Wallet, Cellphone." To find out more about Morello vs Masaru Mitsu latest release "The Duellists," please visit Morello's Facebook page at

From Austin, TX comes the sophomore release from the power-punk, alternative rock band Gentlemen Rogues entitled "A History So Repeating." The new six-song release is filled to the brim with energy as "Your Armageddon" gets things rolling with a classic nineties punk sound that rises above three chords. The simple, rawness of "A Little Respect" certainly captures the band's hunger for pop success, without conforming to the norm of radio airplay. The album's lead single, "Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All" brings together the band's energy with a catchy, melodic chorus that showcases the true strength of the band's youthful sound. To find out more about Gentlemen Rogues, please visit their Facebook page at

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