Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CD Review: Singer/Songwriters Shine With New Releases From The Pine Hill Project, The Honeycutters And Andie Sandoval

Ever since the early nineties, Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky have been creating great music on their own with each of them guesting on the others album. They talked about doing a record together for the better part of twenty years, deciding now was the perfect time to do it. They invited Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan) to produce the album and he made the duo, now known as The Pine Hill Project, step outside their comfort zones to create a different sound to what they were used to. The new album is made up of cover songs, including folk versions of well-known hits like U2's "The Sweetest Thing" and "I Know You Rider" made famous by the Grateful Dead. Richard's voice on the Gillian Welch song "Wichita" gives the song a more country feel, while Lucy delivers her best in "Rain Just Falls," before the two come together for the country combo, "Missing You." To find out more about The Pine Hill Project and their new album "Tomorrow You're Going," please visit their Facebook page at

American country roots band The Honeycutters recently released their third studio album "Me Oh My" on April 21st through the Organic Record Company. The new fourteen song album begins with the steady swing of "Jukebox" as lead singer Amanda Platt's vocals invite you to take a spin on the dance floor. The band picks up the tempo for the smooth country rocker "All You Ever," before slowing down for the blues tone of "Me Oh My." Your pulse will quicken with the two-step rhythm of "Ain't It The Truth" and you can't escape the warming vocals of "Little Bird" as Platt's voice looks to soothe your mind. The "Wedding Song" is sure to included in many summer celebrations, along with the up-tempo swing of "I'll Be Loving You." To find out more about The Honeycutters and their latest album "Me Oh My," please visit

Singer/songwriter Andie Sandoval is originally from Mexico and is looking to bring her latest single "Gold In The Sand" to the bright lights of Hollywood. Her voice is sweet and sultry as the music is definitely dance floor worthy, while the vocals may reflect her dreams of hitting it big in the music industry. Also check out her acoustic folk version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," which is also amazing as her rendition adds more meaning to the words.. To find out more about Andie Sandoval and her music, please visit

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