Sunday, May 31, 2015

CD Review: Uncle Lucius Finds "The Light" While Jamie Lin Wilson Celebrates "Holidays & Wedding Rings"

Texas-based band Uncle Lucius built their fan base the hard way with touring, winning over the curiosity seekers and the music lovers. They will be releasing their fourth album "The Light" on June 9th through Boo Clap Records in association with Thirty Tigers. The new twelve song release begins with the title-song which is a straight southern rocker that finds Uncle Lucius sticking to their roots. Their music gets a little soulful during the "Age Of Reason" then becomes more meaningful during the acoustic build-up of "Taking In The View" about life on the road. Uncle Lucius adds some country twang to "The End of 118" then sets sail down the road with smooth tones of "Wheels In Motion." The moving rhythm-filled "Flood Then Fade Away" and the up-tempo, fun feel of "Someday Is A Far Cry." Uncle Lucius has a load of tour dates along the Midwest and Texas. To find out more about Uncle Lucius and their new album "The Light," please visit

American country singer/songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson released her debut full-length solo album back on May 19th entitled "Holidays & Wedding Rings." This new album follows on the heels of her stint with The Trishas and their much-praised 2012 album "High Wide & Handsome." Also, during the recording of this album, Wilson gave birth to a baby boy as the songs on this release reflect memories of the past. Her new twelve song album begins with the country swing of "Just Like Heartache" as Wilson's voice is in top form. The country blues of "She'll Take Tonight" and the slow, meaningful duet of "Just Some Thing," which features Wade Bowen, showcases Wilson's talents for portraying the perfect mood for her lyrics. She gently treads by with "Whisper On My Skin," before closing with the slow country blues of "Old Oldsmobile." Jamie Lin Wilson has a few live dates scheduled around Texas. To find out more about her latest solo release "Holidays & Wedding Rings," please visit

Saturday, May 30, 2015

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Reminds Us Of The Textones With New Reissues

Eighties female-fronted rock band The Textones was the brainchild of Carla Olsen who had a dream of combining punk attitude with pop/rock melodies without the need for electronic gadgetry. Their debut album was released in 1984 and featured contributions from Don Henley, Gene Clark and Ry Cooder. It also featured a rare unreleased song from Bob Dylan, "Clean Cut Kid."

The Textones only lasted for six years, but their albums continue to be sought after by collectors as their music made an impact on the music scene for female rockers. After long being out of print, Omnivore Recordings recently re-issued The Textones first two albums along with bonus tracks. Their debut album "Midnight Mission" shows the punk-like energy in the songs "Standing In The Line" and "Luck Don't Last Forever," while "Number One Is To Survive" has a country tone to it. The five bonus tracks that accompany the album includes three songs recorded for the soundtrack album "Sylvester," as well as two songs recorded for the live "Rock Of The 80's" album which also featured Lou Reed and Lone Justice.

The Textones were dropped from their record label after only one album, but that did not stop them from creating "Cedar Creek," which was released in 1987. The energy stays high on songs like "Not Afraid" and "Another Soul Searcher" as The Textones stuck close to their rock roots. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers' Howie Epstein lends his vocals to the gentle ballad of "Austin" and the eight-minute epic closer "We Can Laugh About It" is one of the highlights of The Textones catalog. It was also co-written by fellow founding member Kathy Valentine who went on to join The Go-Go's. The bonus tracks are taken from a live recording, often bootlegged, of The Textones at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA in 1987. The short eight-song set features a good mix of songs from their first two albums.

To find out more about these newly re-issued versions of The Textones first two albums, please visit

Friday, May 29, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Silverchair's Daniel Johns And America's Got Talent Winner Michael Grimm

Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns recently released his debut solo album on May 22nd through Eleven: A Music Company. It has been eight years since his last duties in the spotlight and Johns is looking to make a comeback beginning with his new album, "Talk." The new fifteen-song release begins with the slow R&B style of "Aerial Love," which seems like a departure from his past gig as a rock singer/guitarist. The album's pop tones may not be what fans of Silverchair were expecting, but his decision to take chances is commended with the dance beats of "We Are Golden" and "Too Many." His voice during the epic sounding rock ballad brings life to the song "Preach," while "Dissolve" combines the worlds of dance pop and electronic rock in this modern masterpiece. The build-up of "Sleepwalker" showcases Johns' songwriting, before closing with the the sounds of soul music in "New York" and electronic experimental piece "Good Luck." To find out more about Daniel Johns and his new full-length album "Talk," please visit his Facebook page at
Many of you may remember the name Michael Grimm from the successful TV show "America's Got Talent." He was the Season 5 winner back in 2010 and also won a Christian Country Music Association Award for his single "John Wayne and Jesus." Now Michael Grimm is getting ready to release his new album "GRIMM" on June 15 and the lead single "Generation Next," has already hit #1 on the Amazon singles chart. He uses the soulful tone of his voice wisely during the rock 'n' roll backdrop of "Generation Next," while the album's second single "Black & White" has a quieter feel to the ballad as Grimm's vocals easily steal the show. He gets down to the blues on "Roses," before letting his soulful vocals fly on the uptempo country vibe of "High School Stories." You fully appreciate his talents in the slow-rocker "Bliss," before the album closes with the acoustic, country feel of "The Wind." For more on Michael Grimm, visit

Thursday, May 28, 2015

CD Review: The Vaccines Display Eighties Sound On New "English Graffiti" Album

Hailing from West London, indie-rockers The Vaccines recently released their latest album "English Graffiti." It is the band's third album and their first in over three years. The Vaccines are looking to bring back the height of 80's synth-pop music as their new eleven-song release is slathered with pop-punk youth.
Beginning with "Handsome," The Vaccines sound more experienced then their years as the up-beat tempo and addictive chorus are hard to resist. The album's latest single "Dream Lover" is the perfect recipe for bringing the past into the present with an eighties vibe hanging onto a modern alternative sound. The Vaccines can't escape the eighties with the keyboard pop of "Minimal Affection," while "20/20" and "Radio Bikini" showcases the band's youthful, punk energy. The album finishes up with the short two-minute synthesizer instrumental "Undercover."
The Vaccines are joining Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road tour for a show on June 6th at Seaside Heights, NJ and then for three more shows in August. To find out more about their new album English Graffiti," please visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CD Review: Guitarists Joe Satriani And Trey Gunn Return With New Solo Albums

Guitarist extraordinaire Joe Satriani is preparing to release his new solo album entitled "Shockwave Supernova." It is Satriani's fifteenth solo release and it begins the next chapter of his amazing career. After releasing the massive, career-spanning box set last year, Satriani found a renewed inspiration to create new instrumental music and this latest album is one of his best.
Beginning with heavy rocking, progressive feel of the title song "Shockwave Supernova," you wouldn't think that this artist was a thirty year veteran of the music industry. The passion and emotion he displays in the opener reminds us of how good Satriani is a creating new musical journeys through his music. He works the fret board on the wildly energetic romp of "Crazy Joey," then strategically attacks the aggressive nature of "On Peregrine Wings" as the hard-rocking rhythm motors the song. Satriani showcases a tribute to the bluesmen of yesteryear with the classic sounding "San Francisco Blue," then slows the tempo down for the progressive jazz feel of "All Of My Life." It sounds as if his days with the supergroup Chickenfoot have rubbed off on some of his songwriting as in "Scarborough Stomp" and the album closer "Goodbye Supernova" as Satriani's amazing guitar playing fills in for the lead vocals. Joe Satriani will be hitting the road this fall with a tour of Europe. The new album will be released on July 24th through Legacy Recordings, to find out more about "Shockwave Supernova," please visit
Former King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn recently released his latest solo album "The Waters, They Are Rising." This is the first in a series of four releases dealing with different themes. The theme of this release is "water" as the music flows together and gives off an aquatic feel to the album's overall tone.
Beginning with a re-worked cover of Bob Dylan's "Not Dark Yet," you would hardly recognize the song. It was created for the film score to the movie "Every Beautiful Thing" and sung by Dylan Nicole Bandy as it sets the stage for the rest of the album. Gunn's new release also includes live versions of musical pieces he's performed from Peter Gabriel's "Here Come The Flood." The general feel of the music is gentle and fluent as you become relaxed with the sounds of "Three Days" and "Odra."  Gunn gets a little more exploratory with plucking the strings of "The Last Wave," before closing the album with the eight-minute, atmospheric build-up of "The First Return" also from the Sonya Lea film "Every Beautiful Thing." To find out more about this and other releases from guitarist Trey Gunn, please visit

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters/Musicians JD Souther, J.C. Combs, Munroe And Sknail

American singer/songwriter JD Souther recently released his eighth studio album "Tenderness" on May 12th through Sony Music Masterworks. His musical career has lasted over forty years and he has written hit songs for musicians like Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and The Eagles. In 2013, JD Souther was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. His latest release features his renditions of some of his most influential songs of the 20th Century, beginning with soft, gentle delivery of "Come What May." His smooth classic folk delivery of "This House" is the perfect setting for his vocals, while the sway of "Dance Real Slow" is simply magical. The new release closes with The Eagles-like ballad "Need Somebody" and the piano-led, soft jazz of "Downtown (Before The War)." To find out more about JD Souther and his new album "Tenderness," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Munroe recently found time to record her self-titled debut album between filming for ABC's "Resurrection" to which she stars on. She lays her vocals upon instrumentals she received from friends in the bands Young Rival, New Hands, Etiquette, Dark Mean and YerYard. Her voice in the opener "Bloodlet," seems innocent amongst the slight pulsating rhythm of the music. The darker tone of "Mercy" is a nice contrast to the lighter feel of "Bonnie" as Munroe's vocals have a warming quality to them. The short six-song EP closes with the wonderful harmonies of "Sycamores." To find out more about Munroe and her new album, please visit her Facebook page at

Seattle musician J.C. Combs recently released his latest five-song album, "Winter, Spring and Fall." Beginning with "Currents," which sets the stage for the seasonal instrumental pieces as Combs combines electronic techniques with classical music as in "Improvisation For Winter." His "Improvisation" of the other seasons do not stray from this formula, before closing the album with the seven-minute, atmospheric adventure of "Elevator To The Moon." To find out more about J.C. Combs and his latest release "Winter, Spring and Fall," please visit

Experimental jazz musician/composer Sknail returns with the latest album "Snail Charmers" as vocals are introduced into their repertoire. Beginning with the mellow jazz backdrop of "Slow Poison,"  hip-hop style lyrics become the focus of the song, while the gentle touch of "Anthem" allows you to enjoy the song's calming feel. Sknail uses beat-poetry to give life to "I Shot The Robot," while "Something's Gotta Give" settles into a more contemporary song structure. The new nine-song release closes with the atmospheric sounds of "Suspended." To find out more about Snail and their latest release "Snail Charmers," please visit

Monday, May 25, 2015

Concert Review: The Who Celebrates 50 Years With Fans At The Mohegan Sun Arena

Not many bands can stake a claim to being around for fifty years and of those bands, only a few can still rock as hard as The Who. The band first stepped foot in Connecticut back in 1968, performing at a small venue called the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford (which my father attended) as they smashed their instruments at the end of their performance. Now 47-years later, The Who made their most recent visit to the state as part of their "The Who Hits 50!" tour as they played to a sold out arena at Mohegan Sun on Sunday night.

Kicking off the night's entertainment was a visit from Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, who were recently inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame back in April. Her 40-minute set touched upon every aspect of her career, beginning with "Bad Reputation" from her 1980 debut album. Jett then dove back into her catalogue for a rendition of "Cherry Bomb" from her time in The Runaways. Joan Jett brought the audience to their feet with her #1 single "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," before closing with a rocking version of Tommy James' "Crimson and Clover" and "I Hate Myself For Loving You."

As the lights dimmed for the headliner, The Who, their six-piece backing which consists of Pete Townshend's younger brother Simon on guitar and Ringo Starr's son Zak Starky on drums took their respected spots on stage. Then the remaining two original members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey strolled onstage to a standing ovation. They started the night off with one of their earliest singles, "I Can't Explain" from 1965. Pete Townshend's signature windmill guitar strumming got the crowd going early as "Who Are You" showcased the full potential of their backing band. As The Who dove far back into their catalog with the songs "My Generation" and "The Kids Are Alright," a giant screen behind them would mix in live video with classic photos of the band's early days. The thunderous rhythm of "Join Together" got the audience marching in unison to the beat, while Roger Daltrey's vocals on "Love Reign O'er Me" left no doubters as to his singing abilities. The Who included their mini-rock opera "A Quick One (While He's Away)" as an introduction to their famous rock opera "Tommy."

The four-song "Tommy" epic was the perfect setting for guitarist Pete Townshend to declare war on his guitar as he attacked the strings during "Sparks." This led The Who into their hit single "Pinball Wizard" to which everyone was waiting for. Then, the famous keyboard introduction of "Baba O'Riley" got everyone up once again singing the chorus, "teenage wasteland" back to the band. The Who closed their nearly two hour set with "Won't Get Fooled Again" as Roger's screams continued to ring through the arena (and our ears) as they thanked their fans for sticking with them for fifty years and more.

Setlist: I Can't Explain, The Seeker, Who Are You, The Kids Are Alright, Squeeze Box, I Can See For Miles, My Generation, Behind Blue Eyes, Bargain, Join Together, You Better You Bet, I'm One, Love Reign O'er Me, Eminence Front, A Quick One (While He's Way), Amazing Journey, Sparks, Pinball Wizard, See Me Feel Me/Listening To You, Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Concert Review: Ed Sheeran Amazes And Excites His Fans At The Mohegan Sun Arena

British born singer/songwriter/musician Ed Sheeran is definitely enjoying his success. His latest album, "X" topped the charts in nine countries and his current tour has sold out arenas across the U.S., including the Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday night. It was no surprise that the young, mostly female, audience was ready to give Sheeran all their energy by singing and dancing for the nearly two hours that Sheeran was on stage.

Ed Sheeran walked onto a blank stage with only an acoustic guitar and immediately received a roaring response from the audience before saying one word or playing one note. Instead of using a backing band, Sheeran used a Looper board which allowed him to record sounds made from his guitar or vocals and replay them in a rhythmic pattern to give his songs substance. Also to help with his performance were fourteen giant video screens that would portray live shots of Sheeran masked with different artistic features.

The evening of songs began with "I'm A Mess" as Sheeran would harmonize with himself, while the screams of the audience would drown out Sheeran's talking between songs. Ed Sheeran would mix in some cover songs with his own songs if the rhythm called for it as he did with "Don't," which lead into Blackstreet's "No Diggity" and "Take It Back" drawing inspiration for Stevie Wonder's "Superstition." One of the evening's highlights was the amazing rendition of "Bloodstream" as he commanded the audience to wave their hands up and down during the song's chorus. The thunderous rhythm of the song was a nice contrast to the quiet ballad of the heartfelt "Tenerife Sea." The audience almost out sang Sheeran during the smooth, mellow delivery of "The A Team" as cell phone lights lit up the arena. He closed his set with "Give Me Love" as his instructed all the voices in attendance to join him in unison of the song's chorus.

After a very quick break, Ed Sheeran would return to the stage to a deafening applause to perform "You Need Me, I Don't Need You." He sprawled through the lyrics like a rapper before leading his fans into singing along to Izzy Azalea's 'Fancy." He would close the night with his big hit single "Sing" as Sheeran exited the stage with the audience singing the song's memorable chorus.

Seeing Ed Sheeran live gives new meaning to "one-man-show" as he keeps everyone involved in his performance. Also, his use of technology to crate a unique experience make his a must see in a live setting. Irish musician Foy Vance started the evening off with a 40-minute set that got the audience prepared for headliner Ed Sheeran.

Setlist: I'm A Mess, Lego House, Don't/Loyal/No Diggity/Nina, Drunk, Take It Back/Superstition/Ain't No Sunshine, Photograph, Bloodstream, Tenerife Sea, Thinking Out Loud, I See Fire, Afire Love, The A Team, Give Me Love
Encore: You Need Me I Don't Need You/In Da Club/Fancy, Sing

Saturday, May 23, 2015

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Uncovers Unreleased Live Album From Andrew Gold

American singer/songwriter/musician Andrew Gold found success in the late-seventies with the hit singles "Lonely Boy," "Thank You For Being A Friend" and "Never Let Her Slip Away." He also collaborated with a number of artists including James Taylor, Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond just to name a few. He recorded thirteen solo albums during his 33-year career and since his passing in 2011 there has been a lack of releases of Gold's music, until now. Omnivore Recordings recently released a never-before-available live album from Andrew Gold entitled "The Late Show - Live 1978." It was recorded at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood during the height of his radio fame.

The new fourteen song release finds Gold in great spirits amongst the small audience as he interacts with them, telling them stories of his early band The Rangers and the pilots he encountered on his current tour. He mixes in his hits "Thank You For Being A Friend" with piano ballads like "Oh Urania (Take Me Away)" to showcase his talents for finding a way to your heart. You instantly flashback to the California folk/rock scene of the seventies with his delivery of "That's Why I Love You," before showing us he can also rock with "A Note From You." His hit single "Lonely Boy" draws a huge applause, before he closes the evening with a couple of cover songs, including The Beatles' "Doctor Robert" and Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven." To find out more about this truly exceptional new live release from Andrew Gold, please visit

Friday, May 22, 2015

CD Review: Audio Fidelity Uncovers The Warm Tones Of America's "Homecoming" Album With New SACD Release

The trio of Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek and Gerry Beckley first began performing together live in 1970, before releasing their debut album the following year as the band America. For the next decade, their songs would become staples on FM radio and their albums would go on to became legendary. The masters at Audio Fidelity picked the band's second album "Homecoming" as their latest Hybrid Multi-Channel SACD release.
The album begins with America's third top ten single "Venture Highway" as the acoustic guitar strumming is a bit more prominent on this new Audio Fidelity version. While many of the songs on this album have been instilled in our memories throughout the years, this new remastered version is like listening to the album again for the first time with a fresh set of ears. Their voices have a warmer tone as in "Don't Cross The River" and the instruments are more balanced in "Only In Your Heart." Also, the introduction of electric guitars was new for the band at the time, but have been mastered to have a bigger impact in songs like "Cornwall Bank" and in "California Revisited."
This new version of America's "Homecoming" album was re-mastered by Steve Hoffman who continues to do an exceptional job with these albums. To find out more about this latest release from Audio Fidelity, please visit

Thursday, May 21, 2015

CD Review: Classic Rock Artists "Salute The Beatles" With New Tribute Album

The title of this latest tribute to The Beatles says it all, "Keep Calm And Salute The Beatles," which is exactly what this collection will do. Cleopatra Records gathered some of the best classic rock vocalists to give their acoustic renditions of Beatles' classics.
This new sixteen-song release begins with Heart's Ann Wilson taking on "Across The Universe," adding a meditative feel to the song's already mind-expanding lyrics. John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia) tries to simplify "Penny Lane," while the late-Jack Bruce (Cream) delivers a classic sixties sounding, spot-on rendition of "Elanor Rigby." Singer/songwriter Andrew Gold feels right at home with his delivery of "Norwegian Wood," while Todd Rundgren steps out of his comfort zone for the peaceful feel of "Hide Your Love Away." Howard Jones' soothing vocals fits perfectly into "And I Love Her" and Felix Cavaliere gives us a nice surprise on this acoustic rendition of "Ticket To Ride." Singer David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears) adds very little to the timeless sound of "Yesterday," but pays a wonderful tribute to the song. The album finishes up with Billy Sherwood paying tribute to George Harrison with his heartfelt rendition of "Something" and Leo Sayer taking on the epic "Hey Jude" with flying colors.
The album was released on April 28th through Cleopatra Records. To find out more about this latest Beatles tribute, please visit

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CD Review: New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Punk Music To Check Out From Some Rising Young Bands

Virginia punk band Broadside recently released their Victory Records debut "Old Bones." Alternative Press magazine calls them one of the "100 bands you need to know" and as the band was working on this latest album, their heavy punk sound took on a more mainstream appeal. The energy is on full blast right from the opener "A Place To Lay Your Head" and "Human Machines" as their music carries a certain maturity to it. But don't worry, Broadside also showcase their youthful energy in songs like "Playing In Traffic" and "Coffee Talk." The album finishes with the short, two-minute slow down of "A Light In The Dark" and pop-rock formula of "Old Bones." To find out more about Broadside and their latest release "Old Bones," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the sophomore release from vocalist/guitarist/pianist Sean Lenart, bassist Jordan Dismuke and Mike Tomala on drums, better known as Victorian Halls. The new album entitled "Hyperalgesia" was released on May 19th through Victory Records and showcases the band's growth since their 2011 debut. They get the adrenaline pumping during the rocker "Adorned Scarlets," while "Dissolution" has a more pop backbone to the music and the single "Tonight Only The Dead" is primed for radio airplay. Victorian Halls lets some Seattle-grunge leak into "Liars," while the tempo changes of "Come In With The Storm" has a grander, more progressive feel to the music. The eleven-song release closes with the gentle touch of "Currency" as the band showcase their softer side. To find out more about Victorian Halls, please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian progressive metal band Auras have recently released their second EP entitled "Crestfallen" through eOne Music. Beginning in 2010, the band has been gaining popularity and their musical direction is sure to keep the fans coming back for more. The new five-song album begins with the hard-hitting metal attack of "Thrown" and the melodic tempo changes of "Terrene." The powerful howling vocals of "Adverse" and the mainstream metal appeal of the closer "Boundless" showcase why Auras is a high octane band heading for success, so hop aboard. To find out more about Auras, please visit their Facebook page at

American indie-rockers Filligar recently released their eighth studio album "Keepsakes Of The Interior" through Decade Records and is already receiving positive reviews. The new eleven song release begins with one of the first singles released by the band "Motor Shine," which has a steady underlining rhythm to this moody rocker. Instead of the band trying to overpower you with their music, they sweep you up as their sound continues to grow on you as with "Mood Ring" and with their latest single "Truth & Anger." It is amazing to think that this band is not on a major record label as songs like "Never Better" and "What Can You Do," which are more about creating an atmosphere with the music, instead of demanding you attention. To find out more about Filligar and their latest album "Keepsakes Of The Interior," please visit

From Milan comes the latest release from the female-fronted hard rock band Rockstar Frame entitled "Rock 'N' Roll Mafia." The band was actually formed following a near death experience by founding member Max Klein who used the inspiration of his family playing rock music when he was in a coma, to creating his own songs. Lead by the amazing vocals of Faith Blurry, the new fifteen-song release begins with the guitar-driven, adrenaline-fueled "Guilt" and the blazing "She's Hot." The title-song showcases the band's hard rock, edgy sound as Faith's vocals are hard to resist as force in male-dominated hard rock scene. They take their foot off the gas for a moment during "Song For You," before blowing your mind with the attack of "Cherry Boobs." They bring together a classic hard rock sound with "RSF," then showcase a more mainstream rock appeal with "Twisted Double Nature," before closing the album with one more hard-hitting attack of "Limitless For Life." To find out more about Rockstar Frame and their latest release "Rock 'N' Roll Mafia," please visit their Facebook page at

From Milan comes the debut EP from heavy metal band Megashark entitled "Shark Happens." After a brief introduction, the band blasts into "5002" as their youthful energy is felt in their aggressive delivery. They display their vocals in an almost operatic tone during "So Below," before closing with the Nu-Metal appeal of "Dead Inside," as MegaShark look to convince you with their sound. To find out more about MegaShark, please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CD Review: Snoop Dogg Beats Around The "Bush" With His New Album

Hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg came onto the music scene in 1992 as the protégé of Dr. Dre. He released his first album "Doggystyle" in 1993 and has become a household name since then. He released eleven hip-hop albums until, a trip to Jamaica in 2012 to which Snoop Dogg announced his conversion to the Rastafarian movement and released a reggae album under the name Snoop Lion. Now, Snoop Dogg returns with his thirteenth studio album entitled "Bush," which was released on May 12th through Columbia Records.
The new ten-song release shows no signs of the Snoop Dogg of old, rapping about the hood, instead he gets his funky R&B groove on with the help of producer Pharrell Williams. Leading off with "California Roll," Snoop and Pharrell sing about their favorite town, while the legendary Stevie Wonder lays down some nice harmonica to give the song little extra pulse. Snoop Dogg gets his smooth groove on the pop melodies of "R U A Freak," while the hit single "Peaches N Cream" shows some glimpse of the Snoop Dogg of old with clever lyrics and undeniable beats. Pharrell Williams invites fellow "Voice" judge Gwen Stefani to duet with Snoop on the seventies disco sound of "Run Away," before closing with the classic hip-hop delivery of "I'm Ya Dog," featuring Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross. To find out more about Snoop Dogg's latest album "Bush," please visit

Monday, May 18, 2015

CD Review: Newly Released Live "Birdland" Album Reminds Us How Good A Drummer Buddy Rich Was

Legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich has been named one of the most influential drummers of all time by some of rock's biggest names like Neil Peart (Rush), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses) and Kenny Aronoff (Chickenfoot). Buddy Rich's career lasted through five decades and his bands created some of the best jazz music of all-time. On May 26th, Scabeba Entertainment and Lightyear Entertainment in association with Lobitos Creek Ranch will release the album "Birdland," which features an unreleased live show from Buddy Rich and his Killer Force Band.
The new eleven-song release begins with a three-minute introduction of "Mexicali Nose," which has the band firing on all cylinders, including a glimpse of Rich's powerful solos. The band quickly transitions in their most well-known number, "Birdland" as Rich's band takes center stage with amazing array of solos. Pianist Barry Keiner leads the way on "Just Friends" and returns once again for the ivory solo of "I Hear Rhapsody." The horns come blaring through the quick, up-tempo rhythm of "Three Day Suckers," before the evening's show closes with the familiarity of "Keep The Customer Satisfied."
The new album was also featured in the Academy Award winning film "Whiplash," which stars Miles Teller as a drummer who idolizes Buddy Rich. To find out more about "Birdland," please visit

Sunday, May 17, 2015

CD Review: Discover The Earlist Recordings Of Wes Montgomery In New Two Disc Set

American jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery was one of the most influential guitarist of all-time with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, George Benson and Django Reinhardt naming him as an iconic figure. His recording legacy would only last ten years as Montgomery died of a heart attack at only 45 years old. Since his death, there has been a number of compilations, but for the first time we get hear some of his earliest recordings in the recently release two-disc set "Early Recordings from 1949 - 1948."

Resonance Records compiled twenty-six songs of Wes Montgomery still finding his style in his home state of southern Indiana. The first disc begins with the quick finger picking of "After You've Gone" and "Brazil" as these recordings are a fresh new view into the development of this jazz guitar giant. Songs like "Wes' Tune" and "How High The Moon" showcase Montgomery as a sideman ready to take the spotlight at any given moment. The live, almost instanteous feel of these recordings, puts you back in time as a "fly on the wall" as magic is happening right in front of your ears with "I Should Care" and "Ralph's New Blues."

The second disc begins with a couple of pinnacle recordings of Montgomery just letting go on the twelve minute, back to back epics of "Soft Winds" and "Robbins, Nest." You can hear him take control of the tempo of "A Night In Tulsa," before turning the classic "Love For Sale" in a memorable rendition. The live take of "All The Things You Are" shows Montgomery on the brink of success, before closing the album with his undeniable sideman work on "Carlena's Blues" and "Smooth Evening."

The new release "In The Beginning 1949 - 1958" was released on May 12th as a two-CD set with a 55-page booklet featuring new write-ups by Quincy Jones, Pete Townshend, and jazz historian Ashley Kahn along with many unpublished photos of Wes Montgomery. It is also available as a three-LP vinyl set with a hand numbered slipcase and 8-page booklet along with a digital download of the entire album. To find out more, please visit

Saturday, May 16, 2015

CD Review: Blues Legends John Lee Hooker And Canned Heat Come Together For New Live Releases

Legendary blues band Canned Heat found mainstream success in 1969 for there memorable performance at Woodstock and their song "On The Road Again" become one of that generation's definition anthems. In 1971, Canned Heat teamed up with blues legend John Lee Hooker to record the album "Hooker N Heat," which became such a successful collaboration, so much so that the two decided to team up for a tour. On April 14th, Cleopatra Records released a new, never before released live album from Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker performing live at Carnegie Hall in 1971.

The new six-song release simply titled "Carnegie Hall 1971" begins with The Heat diving into the classic blues romp of "Framed" led by singer Bob Hite's storied lyrics dedicated to Abbie Hoffman, who was in the audience that evening. After a quick delivery of one of their hit singles "Let's Work Together," John Lee Hooker steps to the microphone for the slow blues of "Hey Babe" and the epic twenty-minute jam of "Shake N Boogie." The album closes with the John Lee Hooker song "Tease Me Baby" as his gives his most energetic performance of the evening.

Also just released on May 12th is another live album from Canned Heat of their performance in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973. The album captures The Heat at one of their best, performing many of their hit singles like "Let's Work Together" and "On The Road Again." Then The Heat dove into familiar territory with "Election Blues" and the fourteen-minute jam of "Shake 'N' Boogie" as the band seems renewed with their current line-up. The album closes with the slow blues of "Goodbye For Now" as they turn every performance into a memorable one. To find out more about these two latest live releases from Canned Heat along with John Lee Hooker, please visit

Friday, May 15, 2015

CD Review: Collin Raye Brings His Greatest Hits "Live" And P.J. Pacifico Is "Ready To Run" With His New Album

Country star Collin Raye has had a string of #1 country hit singles in the nineties and has stayed in the spotlight with a steady stream of new albums. With fifteen studio albums in his catalog and one "greatest hits" release, it was the perfect time for Colling Raye to release an updated "greatest hits" set, but this time it's live. On April 28th, Goldenlane Records released the first live album from Collin Raye entitled "Greatest Hits Live." It was recorded in Panama City in 2012 and contains many of his well-known songs, spanning his entire career.
Beginning with "Little Red Rodeo," Collin wastes no time getting things going with this up-tempo, country rocker from his 1997 greatest hits release. He strings along his chart topping singles with uncanny renditions of "I Can Still Feel You" and "In This Life." He goes acoustic for "I Think About You" which allows you to concentrate on the lyrics, before slowing down for the gentle touch of "I Get What I Need." This new release also includes a rare performance of the very personal "She's With Me," which he explains is about the loss of his granddaughter. The evening slowly builds back up with "Do It Again," before rocking out to "My Kind Of Girl." The album closes with the ballad "Love, Me" and fun cover of Bob Seger's "Rock and Roll Never Forgets." To find out more about Collin Raye and his latest release "Greatest Hits Live," please visit
We also have new music from Connecticut's own singer/songwriter P.J. Pacifico entitled "Ready To Run." His latest five-song EP was released on May 5th and it is a bit of a departure from his acoustic folk style. The new album begins with the slow pop sway of "All For Something" as this is a welcome direction for P.J.'s music. While he still sings from the heart in the song "While You Were Looking Away," his venture into more pop territory should get him more recognition on college and internet radio. The album's first single, "Among The Living" tackles the tough subject of dealing with cancer and how he survives it everyday. The short EP closes with his biggest departure, adding keyboards and electronic beats to "Ready To Run" as he continues to grow as an artist. To find out more about P.J. Pacifico and his latest release "Ready To Run," please visit

Thursday, May 14, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Independent Singer/Songwriters Billy Grima, Amber Edgar, March To May, Keri Johnsrud And The New Switcheroo

Canadian singer/songwriter Billy Grima recently release his third album entitled "Sugar & Cream" late last year and is beginning to get recognized with the videos for "Calendar Girl" and "I Miss You Baby." The new ten-song release begins with the acoustic pop of "Pleasure To Have Met You," which has a mainstream country undertone to the song. The single "Calendar Girl," allows Billy Grima to get fully engulfed in his music as the addition of horns is a nice touch. The title song "Sugar & Cream" is the highlight of the album as this song is easy to enjoy the smooth, steady rhythm and contagious sing-along chorus. He slows the tempo down for the heartfelt ballad of "Picture Of You And Me" about being away from your loved ones. The album closes with country feel of "Baby Please Don't Cry." To find out more about Billy Grima and his latest release "Sugar & Cream," please visit

Fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Amber Edgar used her influence of classical cassettes and piano waltzes to help create the sound of her latest release "Good Will Rise." The four-song EP begins with the gentle treading of her latest single "Good Will Rise" as her vocals look to mirror the song's dark tone. She plugs in for the mellow, alternative rock of "The Key," that should grab your attention, before closing the album with the Americana feel of "Only In Dreams," which features great harmonies from Edgar. To find out more about Amber Edgar and her latest release "Good Will Rise," please visit her Facebook page at

From Seattle comes the debut EP, "The Water's Edge," from the folk duo of Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche, better known as March To May. The history behind their name is approximately how long it took them to co-write their first two songs and get their first paid gig. The new six-song album begins with "The Monk And The Lover" as their music instantly draws comparisons to The Civil Wars as the gentle, simple instrumentation is the perfect backdrop for their harmonies. The warm tones of "Falling Down" and "Georgia" allows for both Darren and Beth to take the lead vocals on these wonderfully crafted songs. March To May have some live shows scattered along the calendar for the next few months. To find out more about their latest release "The Water's Edge," please visit

From Chicago comes the four-piece vocal harmony sensation The New Switcheroo with their debut album "Heartless Sky." The music of the new EP is soft and gentle as the harmonies simply sweep you away as in the opener "Lightning." The New Switcheroo breathe life into the storied lyrics of "I Remember Clifford" as you easily follow every word. They pick the tempo up with the fun, country/folk strumming of "NMR," before finishing with the sweet violin/piano duet of "Waltz Of The Galaxy." To find out more about The New Switcheroo and their new release "Heartless Sky," please visit

Also from Chicago comes the new album from jazz vocalist Keri Johnsrud entitled "This Side Of Morning." It features ten original tunes as Keri's vocals bring back the classic appeal of crooners to a modern jazz world. Her new album begins with the smooth jazz backdrop of "From Here," as you are introduced to just a taste of Keri's voice. The tempo slows down for the ballad "When Morning Dawns" as her vocals takes center stage on this wonderful delivery. Keri Johnsrud adds a little pop-feel to "Everything's Okay," but seems held back by the music as to not let her voice become the main focus of the song. The quietness of "A Thousand Tears" is the perfect setting for her vocals to stand out, while the album closer, "The Chameleon" allows the band to step up the tempo, while Keri scats along to this new modern jazz favorite. To find out more about Keri Johnsrud and her latest release "This Side Of Morning," please visit

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CD Review: New Metal Music For May Coming From Metal Blade Records

Heavy metal record label Metal Blade Records continues to pump out new hard hitting metal music for their fans. New music available this May comes from Satan's Wrath, Entrails and Secrets Of The Sky. First up on the release schedule is the latest release from Satan's Wrath entitled "Die Evil." The new nine-song release has a dark, aggressive metal appeal that crosses Slayer with Rob Zombie as the evil lyrics are spread across guitar riffs that will keep your adrenaline pumping. The quickness of "Raised On Sabbaths" and "Dead Of The Shallow Graves" are pure energy as lead singer Tas Danazoglou growls through the vocals. The dual guitar attack of Stamos K And V on "Die Evil" and "A Mindless Servant of Satan" showcase the band's speed, while the pounding drums of "Diabolical Shudder" is sure to get your heart racing. To find out more about Satan's Wrath and their latest release "Die Evil," please visit
Next up is the Swedish metal band Entrails with there second release on Metal Blade Records entitled "Obliteration." The new ten-song release is a blast of hardcore metal music that just punches you in the face. The quickness of "No Cross Left Unturned" and blazing guitars of "Beyond The Flesh" are the perfect backdrop for the growling vocals of Joakim Svensson. The death metal appeal of Entrails continues through to the end with the explosiveness of "Skulls" and the intensity of "Bonestorm" putting all their energy into their music. To find out more about Entrails and their latest release "Obliteration," please visit
Finally we get to the Metal Blade Records debut album "Pathways" from California metal band, Secrets Of The Sky. The new music showcases the band's experiences in recording over the last five years as they've developed this latest release to be absorbed as one complete album. It features seven sonic landscapes that feel like different chapters as they break up the atmospheric metal of the eight-minute epic "Three Swords" and the slower, more intricate "Angel In Vines." Their tone gets darker on the howling death metal feel of "Garden Of Prayers," before finishing with simmering, Sabbath-like tone of "Eternal Wolves." To find out more about Secrets Of The Sky and their latest release "Pathways," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CD Review: Guitarist Come Alive With New Albums From Jeff Beck And Def Leppard's Phil Collen's New Band

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck is currently in the midst of a U.S. tour which runs until the end of May. He is also releasing a new live album entitled "Live +" through Atco Records in association with Rhino Entertainment. The new album features fourteen live songs recorded at various locations from his 2014 tour. Also included are two brand-new studio songs with guest vocalists Ruth Lorenzo and Veronica Belino. Beginning with the blistering solo of "Loaded," Jeff Beck just takes off and shows no signs of slowing down. The album is a good representation of his concert, as he mixes together amazing guitar instrumentals with lyrical songs with vocals supplied by Jimmy Hall. Beck dives back to the late-sixties with the bluesy "Morning Dew," before his backing band showcases their talents in "You Know You Know." A must listen for this live album are Jeff Beck's renditions of "A Change Is Gonna Come" and "A Day In The Life," which won Jeff Beck a Grammy award, but his sizzling take of Hendrix's "Little Wing" is simply inspiring. Jeff Beck gets to open up on "Big Block," before the live part of his new album closes with the hard rock groove of "Going Down." The studio tracks show a new fire brewing in the belly of Jeff Beck as he rips through the new instrumental "Tribal" and the more radio-friendly feel of "My Tiled White Floor." For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about Jeff Beck's latest release "Live +," please visit

It is always great when established artists continue to evolve and find new interests in other types of music. The latest "supergroup" of musicians do just that by incorporating the southern blues into the Delta Deep. The band features Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo and drummer Forest Robinson (India Arie) all supporting the amazing vocals of Debbi Blackwell-Cook. The new eleven-song release begins with Collen blazing a trail through the swamp lands with the raw guitar riffs of "Bang The Lid." The slow blues come pouring through your speakers with "Whiskey," before the band blasts off again with the hard grind of "Down In The Delta." The album also includes some guests that you may have heard of like David Coverdale dueting with Ms. Blackwell-Cook on the southern swing "Private Number" and Joe Elliott screaming along to the blues guitar clinic led by his bandmate Phil Collen on the album closer "Mistreated." The new self-titled album from Delta Deep will be released on June 23rd through Mailboat Records. Also look for Phil Collen and Joe Elliott on tour with Def Leppard this summer. To find out more about the album, please visit

Monday, May 11, 2015

CD Review: Newly Released "Best Of" Albums From Atkins May Project And Lucifer's Friend Remind Us Of Greatness

After almost five years of metal mayhem, former Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins and guitarist Paul May thought it was the right time to release an "Anthology" of their favorite songs from the Atkins May Project (AMP). The new eleven-song release breaks the album up into "Act 1" and "Act 2," grouping the songs together that help create that full-on metal sound. The new album also contains an unreleased cover of Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight," which is almost completely unrecognizable except for the undeniable lyrics. The "Anthology" begins with the nine-minute progressive-metal thunder of "Here Comes The Rain" from last year's "Empire of Destruction" album. Paul May's guitar solo becomes the focus of the song as he grabs your attention and never lets go for a moment. The intensity continues with "Enslaved To Love," and with speed of "The Shallowing," before reaching the stomping rhythm of "Bitter Waters." The second half of the album starts out with the Judas Priest-like tone of "Dream Maker" from their critically acclaimed debut album "Serpents Kiss." AMP slows the tempo down with "Valley Of Shadows" and finishes with the twelve-minute prog-metal epic "Whisper To The Wind." Listening to these songs together showcases the growth between Aktins' vocals and May's guitar that has taken three albums to build. To find out more about the new Atkins May Project "Anthology," please visit
The roots of heavy metal/progressive rock band Lucifer's Friend date back to the early seventies. The band was formed by future Uriah Heep singer John Lawton and went on to produce eight albums during the band's decade together, which included a constant change in personnel. They regrouped once again in 1994 to record their ninth album, but the reunion did not last. Now after twenty years, Lucifer's Friend is reforming once again to tour behind their newly released "best of" album entitled "Awakening." The album was released back in April through the U.K.'s Cherry Red Records label and features a second disc of four brand new recordings. Their brand of hard rock music is as timeless as many other bands from that era including Deep Purple and early Black Sabbath. The ten-song "best of" showcases the many talents of Lucifer's Friend, as with the heavy metal attack of "In The Time Of Job" and the progressive rock feel of "Toxic Shadows." They showcased a more mainstream sound with the Styx-like "Moonshine Rider," before the album closes with the up-tempo rocker "Hey Driver." The second disc of new recordings begins with the hard rocking "Pray" as the band still has that great progressive rock vibe, as displayed in "Riding High." To find out the latest news on the reunited Lucifer's Friend, please visit their Facebook page at

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Concert Review: Rival Sons Rocked The Wolf Den At The Mohegan Sun Casino With Pure Energy

Let me start off by saying that if you never heard of the band Rival Sons, it is about time you check them out. Rival Sons are a California rock band that have sold out theaters and arenas all over Europe and have slowly built up a following in the U.S. the old-fashion way, by touring. The band recently returned to the States, after two months of touring in Europe, with a show Saturday night at the Wolf Den at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Only their second U.S. show of their "Million Mile Ride World Tour."

The night began precisely at 8pm with the band ripping into their latest single "Electric Man" from the band's 2014 album "Great Western Valkyrie." Lead singer Jay Buchanan was very animated at the microphone stand, screaming out the chorus to "Secret" and "You Want To" as he put his all into his performance. Guitarist Scott Holiday mesmerized the audience with his amazing guitar wizardry during extended solos of "Manifest Destiny Part 1" and "Tell Me Something."

After a quick 30-minute warm-up set, the band would sit down for a short four-song acoustic set, which really allowed their harmonies to shine during "The Man Who Wasn't There." Rival Sons turned the hard rock vibe of their song "Burn Down Los Angeles" into a swampy, New Orleans-style blues number, before finishing the set with the acoustic rocker "White Noise."

The band returned to their electric instruments to turn the energy back up to full blast with the hard rock of "Torture." The steady drive of bassist Dave Beste and drummer Mike Miley would motor through the song as touring keyboardist Todd Ogren-Brooks applied an extended solo to the song adrenaline-fueled rhythm. Their 90-minute set would close with "Get What's Coming," which featured some slick, slide-guitar provided by Holiday as singer Buchanan left all his energy on the stage.

Rival Sons returned to the stage once again for the quick, two-song encore of "Open My Eyes" and "Keep On Swinging." Sandwiched between the songs was a thunderous drum solo by Miley that proved why this rising young band needs to be heard. Especially if you are a fan of classic, British-blues based hard rock. The audience at the Wolf Den were treated to a special performance and everyone in attendance became bigger fans of Rivals Sons after witnessing that night.

Setlist: Electric Man, Good Luck, Secret, You Want To, Pressure And Time, Manifest Destiny Part 1, Nava, Burn Down Los Angeles, The Man Who Wasn't There, White Noise, Toture, Tell Me Something, Rich And The Poor, Where I've Been, Get What's Coming
Encore: Open My Eyes, Keep On Swinging

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review: The History Of Black Sabbath Explained In "Symptom Of The Universe"

If you have ever wanted to know the full story behind the rise of the heavy metal giants Black Sabbath, then I have got the book for you. "Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe" by Mick Wall is a complete written history of the band. Beginning with their rough industrial upbringings, you get insight into how they came to become one of the most iconic bands ever assembled. From John "Ozzy" Osbourne's early thievery, to Terence "Geezer" Butler's obsession with the dark art, to Bill Ward wanting to be in a jazz band, to the band members not fully appreciating each other's talents, until they knew that together they had something special. Author Mick Wall dives into the recordings of some of rock's biggest albums as told through quotes from the band members. The book also deals with the band's drug abuse, the departure of Ozzy and the rebirth of Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio as their new lead singer.

"Symptom Of The Universe" also goes into detail about Ozzy's success as a solo artist and how Black Sabbath seemed to mirror his every move as hopes for a reunion always hung over the heads of the original members. While at times, the highs and lows of Black Sabbath resembled a soap opera, one thing was for sure that the music always came first and was priority over anyone else in the band. The main lifeline of the band was dependent on guitarist Tony Iommi and his health as the book discusses the loss of his finger tips and how he had changed his guitar playing to create one of the most iconic sounds in music. the book finishes with this latest chapter of the band, recording their new studio album, "13" and preparing for a world tour as Iommi overcomes his scare with cancer.

As the band's legacy has grown with each new generation of fans, it is absolutely necessary to have a book like this to give the facts as to how the heavy metal genre began with these for lads from England. The book was published by St. Martin's Press on April 14th. To find out more on how to get this music have, must read book, "Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe," please visit

Friday, May 8, 2015

CD Review: New Music From New Bands CalatrilloZ, Scattered Clouds And Grandfather Confusion

First from the U.K. comes the full-length debut album from the symphonic metal band CalatrilloZ entitled "Palms Of Zahyin." It will be released on June 22nd and displays five years of work that this band has put into their music. Beginning with "Origins," you instantly get that heavy metal feel with the intense guitar/drum combination. The songs become more epic with the up-tempo, adrenaline-fueled "Lords Of Misery" and the grand appeal of "The Long Winding Road," which takes on a heavier Black Sabbath/Dio sound. The short six-song release finishes with the band's full-potential on the intense delivery of "Z The Psychopath." To find out more about CalatrilloZ, please visit

Over the last five years, Canadian prog-rock band Scattered Clouds has built up their sound from an experimental 3-piece home studio project to their recently released full-length debut album "The First Empire." Their sound seems heavily influenced by the early seventies days of prog-rock where it was more about experimentation then is was about song structure. The short six-song album begins with the heavy treading of "Fallen" as you are swept up in their sonic landscape. On the song "Enchantresse," it's the lack of sound that gives this song an eerie feeling, while the rhythm heavy "People Walk" keeps the music on a steady flow. The album closes with "Scattered Clouds" which continues the album's rhythmic feel with its marching drums beats. To find out more about Scattered Clouds and their latest release "The First Empire," please visit their Facebook page at

Newcomers Grandfather Confusion are building up a following in the home town of Moline, IL, just east of Chicago and have recently released a new single back in March. There music is raw alternative rock with a punk-like energy as displayed in "Ride With Me Space Child." They show more restraint on the slower tempo of "Bitch Sister" as their authentic, raw rock sound is a welcome addition to the over polished rock music of today. To find out more about Grandfather Confusion, please visit their Facebook page at

Thursday, May 7, 2015

CD Review: New Crooner Music From Tim Gill And New Pop Melodies From The Pinder Brothers

The multi-talented Tim Gill re-assembled his all-stars for their latest album "Small Batch Bourbon." The album was released back in March and features The Tim Gill All-Stars taking on many famous songs that have become staples of their live shows. The new fifteen-song release takes hold of you right from the beginning with the classic swing of "A Foggy Day" as Gill's vocals look to mirror Sinatra. The band lays down their groove with the funkiness of "Unchain My Heart" and take you to the jazz club scenes of the roaring 20s with their version of "Pennies From Heaven." In between, we get a taste of the other gender with Adryon De Leon's sweet sounding vocals on "L-O-V-E" and "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off," which becomes a duet with Gill. The band has fun on the loose delivery of "I Won't Dance," then sends you back to the early days of big band jazz with the instrumental "Benny's Bugle." Adryon De Leon shows up once again on quick, jazzy swing of "Come Love," before the album closes with the upbeat rhythm of "Hey Good Lookin'." The Tim Gill All-Stars have a regular gig at the Royal Swing Big Band Ball in Disneyland, which runs to October and in between they have booked a few gigs. For a complete list of live dates and for more information on the new album "Small Batch Bourbon," please visit

From California comes the latest album from the songwriting duo of Mike Pinder and Matt Pinder, better known as The Pinder Brothers. Their new album entitled "Melancholy Sea" was released back in April and showcases the duos knack for writing pop lyrics sported by an acoustic country/roots setting. The new eleven-song release begins with "Same Mistake," which hooks you in with its warming harmonies and smooth melodies. The sweet sounds of Michael's vocals in "Pale December" wash over you and put your mind at ease, before the Brothers deliver another pop radio gem with "Talk To You." They strum away the years with the youthful sounds of "Last Days Of Summer" and "Here We Go," before finishing the album with the soft touch of "Summer Moon," which has a promising feel to their songwriting. To find out more about The Pinder Brothers and the latest release Melancholy Sea," please visit