Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CD Review: New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Punk Music To Check Out From Some Rising Young Bands

Virginia punk band Broadside recently released their Victory Records debut "Old Bones." Alternative Press magazine calls them one of the "100 bands you need to know" and as the band was working on this latest album, their heavy punk sound took on a more mainstream appeal. The energy is on full blast right from the opener "A Place To Lay Your Head" and "Human Machines" as their music carries a certain maturity to it. But don't worry, Broadside also showcase their youthful energy in songs like "Playing In Traffic" and "Coffee Talk." The album finishes with the short, two-minute slow down of "A Light In The Dark" and pop-rock formula of "Old Bones." To find out more about Broadside and their latest release "Old Bones," please visit their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the sophomore release from vocalist/guitarist/pianist Sean Lenart, bassist Jordan Dismuke and Mike Tomala on drums, better known as Victorian Halls. The new album entitled "Hyperalgesia" was released on May 19th through Victory Records and showcases the band's growth since their 2011 debut. They get the adrenaline pumping during the rocker "Adorned Scarlets," while "Dissolution" has a more pop backbone to the music and the single "Tonight Only The Dead" is primed for radio airplay. Victorian Halls lets some Seattle-grunge leak into "Liars," while the tempo changes of "Come In With The Storm" has a grander, more progressive feel to the music. The eleven-song release closes with the gentle touch of "Currency" as the band showcase their softer side. To find out more about Victorian Halls, please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian progressive metal band Auras have recently released their second EP entitled "Crestfallen" through eOne Music. Beginning in 2010, the band has been gaining popularity and their musical direction is sure to keep the fans coming back for more. The new five-song album begins with the hard-hitting metal attack of "Thrown" and the melodic tempo changes of "Terrene." The powerful howling vocals of "Adverse" and the mainstream metal appeal of the closer "Boundless" showcase why Auras is a high octane band heading for success, so hop aboard. To find out more about Auras, please visit their Facebook page at

American indie-rockers Filligar recently released their eighth studio album "Keepsakes Of The Interior" through Decade Records and is already receiving positive reviews. The new eleven song release begins with one of the first singles released by the band "Motor Shine," which has a steady underlining rhythm to this moody rocker. Instead of the band trying to overpower you with their music, they sweep you up as their sound continues to grow on you as with "Mood Ring" and with their latest single "Truth & Anger." It is amazing to think that this band is not on a major record label as songs like "Never Better" and "What Can You Do," which are more about creating an atmosphere with the music, instead of demanding you attention. To find out more about Filligar and their latest album "Keepsakes Of The Interior," please visit

From Milan comes the latest release from the female-fronted hard rock band Rockstar Frame entitled "Rock 'N' Roll Mafia." The band was actually formed following a near death experience by founding member Max Klein who used the inspiration of his family playing rock music when he was in a coma, to creating his own songs. Lead by the amazing vocals of Faith Blurry, the new fifteen-song release begins with the guitar-driven, adrenaline-fueled "Guilt" and the blazing "She's Hot." The title-song showcases the band's hard rock, edgy sound as Faith's vocals are hard to resist as force in male-dominated hard rock scene. They take their foot off the gas for a moment during "Song For You," before blowing your mind with the attack of "Cherry Boobs." They bring together a classic hard rock sound with "RSF," then showcase a more mainstream rock appeal with "Twisted Double Nature," before closing the album with one more hard-hitting attack of "Limitless For Life." To find out more about Rockstar Frame and their latest release "Rock 'N' Roll Mafia," please visit their Facebook page at

From Milan comes the debut EP from heavy metal band Megashark entitled "Shark Happens." After a brief introduction, the band blasts into "5002" as their youthful energy is felt in their aggressive delivery. They display their vocals in an almost operatic tone during "So Below," before closing with the Nu-Metal appeal of "Dead Inside," as MegaShark look to convince you with their sound. To find out more about MegaShark, please visit their Facebook page at

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