Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CD Review: New Metal Music For May Coming From Metal Blade Records

Heavy metal record label Metal Blade Records continues to pump out new hard hitting metal music for their fans. New music available this May comes from Satan's Wrath, Entrails and Secrets Of The Sky. First up on the release schedule is the latest release from Satan's Wrath entitled "Die Evil." The new nine-song release has a dark, aggressive metal appeal that crosses Slayer with Rob Zombie as the evil lyrics are spread across guitar riffs that will keep your adrenaline pumping. The quickness of "Raised On Sabbaths" and "Dead Of The Shallow Graves" are pure energy as lead singer Tas Danazoglou growls through the vocals. The dual guitar attack of Stamos K And V on "Die Evil" and "A Mindless Servant of Satan" showcase the band's speed, while the pounding drums of "Diabolical Shudder" is sure to get your heart racing. To find out more about Satan's Wrath and their latest release "Die Evil," please visit
Next up is the Swedish metal band Entrails with there second release on Metal Blade Records entitled "Obliteration." The new ten-song release is a blast of hardcore metal music that just punches you in the face. The quickness of "No Cross Left Unturned" and blazing guitars of "Beyond The Flesh" are the perfect backdrop for the growling vocals of Joakim Svensson. The death metal appeal of Entrails continues through to the end with the explosiveness of "Skulls" and the intensity of "Bonestorm" putting all their energy into their music. To find out more about Entrails and their latest release "Obliteration," please visit
Finally we get to the Metal Blade Records debut album "Pathways" from California metal band, Secrets Of The Sky. The new music showcases the band's experiences in recording over the last five years as they've developed this latest release to be absorbed as one complete album. It features seven sonic landscapes that feel like different chapters as they break up the atmospheric metal of the eight-minute epic "Three Swords" and the slower, more intricate "Angel In Vines." Their tone gets darker on the howling death metal feel of "Garden Of Prayers," before finishing with simmering, Sabbath-like tone of "Eternal Wolves." To find out more about Secrets Of The Sky and their latest release "Pathways," please visit their Facebook page at

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