Friday, May 8, 2015

CD Review: New Music From New Bands CalatrilloZ, Scattered Clouds And Grandfather Confusion

First from the U.K. comes the full-length debut album from the symphonic metal band CalatrilloZ entitled "Palms Of Zahyin." It will be released on June 22nd and displays five years of work that this band has put into their music. Beginning with "Origins," you instantly get that heavy metal feel with the intense guitar/drum combination. The songs become more epic with the up-tempo, adrenaline-fueled "Lords Of Misery" and the grand appeal of "The Long Winding Road," which takes on a heavier Black Sabbath/Dio sound. The short six-song release finishes with the band's full-potential on the intense delivery of "Z The Psychopath." To find out more about CalatrilloZ, please visit

Over the last five years, Canadian prog-rock band Scattered Clouds has built up their sound from an experimental 3-piece home studio project to their recently released full-length debut album "The First Empire." Their sound seems heavily influenced by the early seventies days of prog-rock where it was more about experimentation then is was about song structure. The short six-song album begins with the heavy treading of "Fallen" as you are swept up in their sonic landscape. On the song "Enchantresse," it's the lack of sound that gives this song an eerie feeling, while the rhythm heavy "People Walk" keeps the music on a steady flow. The album closes with "Scattered Clouds" which continues the album's rhythmic feel with its marching drums beats. To find out more about Scattered Clouds and their latest release "The First Empire," please visit their Facebook page at

Newcomers Grandfather Confusion are building up a following in the home town of Moline, IL, just east of Chicago and have recently released a new single back in March. There music is raw alternative rock with a punk-like energy as displayed in "Ride With Me Space Child." They show more restraint on the slower tempo of "Bitch Sister" as their authentic, raw rock sound is a welcome addition to the over polished rock music of today. To find out more about Grandfather Confusion, please visit their Facebook page at

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