Monday, May 11, 2015

CD Review: Newly Released "Best Of" Albums From Atkins May Project And Lucifer's Friend Remind Us Of Greatness

After almost five years of metal mayhem, former Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins and guitarist Paul May thought it was the right time to release an "Anthology" of their favorite songs from the Atkins May Project (AMP). The new eleven-song release breaks the album up into "Act 1" and "Act 2," grouping the songs together that help create that full-on metal sound. The new album also contains an unreleased cover of Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight," which is almost completely unrecognizable except for the undeniable lyrics. The "Anthology" begins with the nine-minute progressive-metal thunder of "Here Comes The Rain" from last year's "Empire of Destruction" album. Paul May's guitar solo becomes the focus of the song as he grabs your attention and never lets go for a moment. The intensity continues with "Enslaved To Love," and with speed of "The Shallowing," before reaching the stomping rhythm of "Bitter Waters." The second half of the album starts out with the Judas Priest-like tone of "Dream Maker" from their critically acclaimed debut album "Serpents Kiss." AMP slows the tempo down with "Valley Of Shadows" and finishes with the twelve-minute prog-metal epic "Whisper To The Wind." Listening to these songs together showcases the growth between Aktins' vocals and May's guitar that has taken three albums to build. To find out more about the new Atkins May Project "Anthology," please visit
The roots of heavy metal/progressive rock band Lucifer's Friend date back to the early seventies. The band was formed by future Uriah Heep singer John Lawton and went on to produce eight albums during the band's decade together, which included a constant change in personnel. They regrouped once again in 1994 to record their ninth album, but the reunion did not last. Now after twenty years, Lucifer's Friend is reforming once again to tour behind their newly released "best of" album entitled "Awakening." The album was released back in April through the U.K.'s Cherry Red Records label and features a second disc of four brand new recordings. Their brand of hard rock music is as timeless as many other bands from that era including Deep Purple and early Black Sabbath. The ten-song "best of" showcases the many talents of Lucifer's Friend, as with the heavy metal attack of "In The Time Of Job" and the progressive rock feel of "Toxic Shadows." They showcased a more mainstream sound with the Styx-like "Moonshine Rider," before the album closes with the up-tempo rocker "Hey Driver." The second disc of new recordings begins with the hard rocking "Pray" as the band still has that great progressive rock vibe, as displayed in "Riding High." To find out the latest news on the reunited Lucifer's Friend, please visit their Facebook page at

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