Friday, May 1, 2015

CD Review: Progressive Rock Music Is Alive And Well With New Music And New Bands

America's newest progressive rock band is actually made up of all former musicians from other bands, including Josh Freese (NIN, A Perfect Circle), Keith Carlock (Sting, John Mayer) along with Porcupine Tree members Gavin Harrison and Richard Barbieri also multi-instrumentalist Dale Simmons. The new band is called Exovex and they recently released their debut album "Radio Silence" back in March and the overall concept of the album is about "the downward spiral and ultimate demise of a man due to the psychological and physical effects of a long term, self-imposed isolation" according to Simmons. The new six-song album is a journey through sound as these musicians come together to create some truly exceptional music, beginning with the soft, dark tones of "Stolen Wings," while "Seeker's Prayer" breaks open the album with some amazing solos and a more aggressive feel to their music. The album closes with "Daylight (Silent Key)," which has a bluesier melody that really allows the feelings of the album's concept to shine through. To find out more about Exovex and their new release "Radio Silence," please visit

U.K. progressive rockers Blurred Vision are hitting the ground running with their debut album "Organized Insanity" receiving critical acclaim with PROG magazine calling it one of "the best of 2015." Also they are currently touring as the opening band for the legendary U.K. rockers Uriah Heap and that's before most of North America has even heard of this band, but that will soon change. Their new eleven-song release begins with the album's lead single "No More War," which brings together historic sound bites into this anti-war march, done prog-rock style with great musicianship. They bring out their Pink Floyd influence on the Roger Waters-feel of "Long May You Run," before picking up the tempo on the hard rocking "Promise." The lush orchestration of "Arms Of Our World" add an extra dimension to the amazing songwriting, while the prog-rock feel of "The Keeper" is where the band's strength truly lies. The album was released back on April 7th through Cherry Red Records and their tour with Uriah Heap runs through to May 10th. To find out more about Blurred Vision and their new album "Organized Insanity," please visit their Facebook page at

U.K. progressive rock band Karnataka recently released their latest album "Secrets of Angels" back in March and will be finishing up their tour on May 9th in London. The album was released as a standard eight-song CD and a deluxe CD/DVD version which contains behind the scenes footage of the band recording this new album. Singer Hayley Griffiths show off her outstanding vocal ability on the opener "Road To Cairo," which contains a "Kashmir"-type power to the song's rhythm. The band's progressive rock sound hits the mainstream with the highly addictive "Poison Ivy" and combines and overtone of heavy metal with a pop vocal delivery in "Borderline." The gentle touch of "Feels Like Home" allows the song's orchestration to shine through, before the epic twenty-minute closer "Secret Of Angels," which showcases the full artistic potential of the band. To find out more about Karnataka and their new album "Secret Of Angels," please visit

New York progressive rock band IZZ has closed out their trilogy of albums with their latest release "Everlasting Instant." They have developed an underground following that began with their 2009 album "The Darkened Room." Their sound has a very classic Yes/Genesis feel as displayed on the opening number "Own The Mystery." The addition of vocalists Anmarie Byrnes and Laura Meade gives their sound an added dimension as their music continues to blow you away as in "Keep Away" and "Illuminata." The new album closes with "Like A Straight Line," which contains a more mainstream rock aspect that is perfect to introduce new fans to the music of IZZ. To find out more about IZZ and their new album "Everlasting Instant," please visit

Scottish rock band Preacher recently released their debut album "Signals" on April 13th. The album has been seven years in the making and the band displays their heavy Pink Floyd influence all through the new album. Right from the slow opener, "Time" you'll think this is a new David Bowie album and the album's first single "Jupiter To Mars," draws in that Pink Floyd influence on this steady classic rocker. The band's sound in "Fat Cats" and "Signals" reflects a seventies prog-rock tone, along the same lines as Yes and The Moody Blues. While the album deals with frontman Martin Murphy's near death experience, the songs are very polished and easy to find yourself lost in the journey of "Arrival" and the melodic "Destiny." To find out more about Preacher and the latest release "Signals," please visit

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