Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Review: The Life Story Of Merrell Fankhauser Comes "Calling From A Star"

Surf rock and psychedelic folk are two of the musical avenues that have been taken by acclaimed singer/songwriter/guitarist Merrell Fankhauser who has had one of the most interesting stories of success. His new autobiography entitled "Calling From A Star: The Merrell Fankhauser Story" tells the complete history of rise to rock fame.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Merrell became an early fan of car racing and small engine planes as his father introduced him to these as well as to the sunny shores of California. This became a major turning point in the life of Merrell Fankhauser as he instantly fell in love with the weather and the sport of surfing. After buying his first guitar, microphone and amplifier, Merrell began performing the latest singles from Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley. The book reads as if you were sitting down with Merrell and he told you his life story over a cup of coffee. 

One of his earliest band's, The Impacts become local heroes in the California clubs, playing their brand of surf music led by the guitar work of Merrell Fankhauser. His early credits include the tune "Look Out!," which was later changed to "Wipeout!" and became the basis for The Surfaris's hit single of the same name. The book then goes into detail of his professional and private life. He would later change his tune to the psychedelic sound of the late-sixties, before moving on to the folk-rock of the seventies, always flying just under the radar of worldwide fame. Merrell also worked alongside other famed musicians as John Lennon, Willie Nelson and The Beach Boys to name a few. His traveling adventures are as interesting to read as his musical adventures in this new book. 

In the early 2000's, a renewed interest was discovered in Merrell Fankhauser's early surf music with the local California success of his TV show "Tiki Lounge." Between the west coast and Hawaii, the "Tiki Lounge" program was a big success, being viewed in over three million homes. He continued to record new music along the way and took part in the Grammy nominated box set "Where The Action Is LA: Nuggets 1965-1968." It is great to read about his passion for music as his stories are timeless.

After surviving cancer, Merrell Fankhauser feels blessed to have lived a life like his and now you to can relive his greatest accomplishments along with him in "Calling From A Star." The book was published back in January through Gonzo Multimedia. To find out more about the autobiography of Merrell Fankhauser, please visit

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