Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CD Review: Armored Saint Return To "Win Hands Down" While The Great Discord Release Metal Blade Records Debut

LA metal band, Armored Saint are ready to come roaring through your speakers with their latest release "Win Hands Down." It is the band's seventh studio album and their second since reuniting in 2006 following singer John Bush's latest venture with heavy metal band Anthrax. The new nine-song release begins with the title song "Win Hands Down" which hits hard with its aggressive tone and powerful musicianship. The heavy drumming of Gonza Sandoval on "Mess" and the seven-minute progressive metal feel of "Muscle Memory" displays the amazing guitars of Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan. John Bush's vocals stand out on the classic metal appeal of "In An Instant," before closing with the band having fun with the lyrics of "Up Yours." To find out more about Armored Saint and their latest release "Win Hands Down," please visit their Facebook page at
Also new from Metal Blade Records comes the debut album from Swedish rock band The Great Discord. Their new release entitled "Duende" was released on June 2nd as they mix together Swedish and English within their songs to create a more global feel to their music. The new ten-song release begins with "The Aging Man" as they certainly do impress right off the band with the band's big pounding metal sound. The songs "Deus Ex Homine" and "Woes" allows lead singer Fia Kempe to take the spotlight with her amazing vocals, while "Eigengrau" showcases the band's energy in a punk/metal attack. Their symphonic metal sound is what makes them stand out as displayed in "The Great Discord" and "Ephemeral." To find out more about The Great Discord and their new album "Duende," please visit their Facebook page at

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