Monday, June 1, 2015

CD Review: The Darkness Turn Melodies Into Magic On New Album While High On Fire Hits Hard With "Luminiferous"

English rock band The Darkness have recently released their fourth album entitled "Last Of Our Kind." The album features the drumming of Emily Dolan Davies, who was recently replaced by Queen drummer Roger Taylor's son Rufus Tiger Taylor. The new ten-song release continues The Darkness' legacy with high vocals and addictive rock melodies as displayed in album's lead single "Open Fire." The acoustic rocker "Last Of Our Kind" has the most appeal for new fans to discover, while long-time fans will still enjoy the familiarity of the guitar driven "Roaring Waters." The Darkness still know how to create epic sounding medieval rock as displayed in "Mighty Wings" and "Mudslide," before closing with with the grand, slow-down rock of "Conquerors." The Darkness will be supporting the new album "Last Of Our Kind" with a European tour later this year. To find out more, please visit
California metal trio High On Fire will soon be releasing their latest album "Luminiferous" on June 16th through eOne Music. The new nine-song release is the band's heaviest yet and will rip your eardrums apart, beginning with the pounding rhythm of "The Black Pot." The howling vocals of the seven-minute metal epic "Carcosa" and the speed of the thrash-metal appeal of "Slave The Hive" showcase a new energy within the band as they look to overpower your senses. While the band may slow the tempo down on "The Cave" turning the song into their own Sabbath-like "Planet Caravan," High On Fire close the album with the nearly nine-minute progressive heavy metal amazement of "The Lethal Chamber." To find out more about High On Fire and their latest release "Luminiferous," please visit

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