Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CD Review: Explore New Music From These Newly Discovered Indie-Artists

First up from Illinois is the indie-pop poet James Rawson with his latest release "Tristan & Isolde." It features ten tracks mixing pop dance beats with poetic lyrics that are as enticing as they are soothing. Songs like "St. Katherine" and "Echoes In The Valley" use his classical influence to modernize his pop sound without losing touch with what he loves. He showcases his classical training in the instrumental "Nocturne" and experimenting with "Themes And Variations." Rawson's new album closes with the wonderful folk style of "Love Built A City" To find out more about James Rawson and his new album "Tristan & Isolde," please visit bjamesrawson.co.
Next up is the latest EP from Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle. The new four-song release begins with the hard-hitting blues rocker "Til The Devil Knows I'm Dead" as you feel their passion in their strong delivery. They take on a southern rock flair with "Let's Let Love" and continue on the steady path of "Let Me Come Home." To find out more about Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/pages/Lazy-J-The-Dirty-Shuffle.
Then comes the return of singer/songwriter Royal Holland with "Volume 2: Flamingo." His latest offering begins with the build up rocker "The Grave" as he shows a renewed energy in his music. The title-song "Flamingo" has a pop/alternative rock vibe that should be picked up by college radio as it fully displays Holland's amazing talents. The short five-song EP finishes up with the raw, guitar of "Polaroid Blues" and the country/folk swing of "These Mundane Lives." To find out more about Royal Holland and his latest release "Volume 2: Flamingo," please visit royalhollandsongs.com.
Finally we get to the latest single from LA band Chainflower entitled "The Fever," featuring Kelly Wheeler on guitar and Erika Renee on vocals. The dirty guitar driven tune has a great head-banging rhythm while Renee's vocals look to overpower your senses. The flip side is another rocker "Dissolve In The Sky" as Renee's voice once again demands your attention. To find out more about Chainflower, pleas visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Chainflowermusic.

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