Thursday, June 25, 2015

CD Review: Kyrbgrinder Take On The "Dark Machine" With Latest Release

The U.K. metal trio Kyrbgrinder released their third album, "Chronicles Of A Dark Machine" earlier this year. Led by drummer Johanne Hames (Threshold), the band continues to grow with each release as this one is finding new fans on the U.S. shores.

The new ten-song album begins with the progressive/trash metal mix of "Slipping Away," as their sound definitely grabs you attention. Kyrbgrinder mixes in a more mainstream metal sound with their opinion on the U.S. in "Captain America," while their musicianship is a top priority in "Kill Them All." The music and vocals come together perfectly for the hard rock groove of "Oxygen" and "I Feel Blue," before finishing up with the 95-second atmospheric instrumental "Chronicles Of A Dark Machine." To find out more about Kyrbgrinder and their latest release "Chronicles Of A Dark Machine," please visit their Facebook page at

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