Thursday, June 4, 2015

CD Review: More New Indie-Music Flowing In From The U.S. And Canada

First from New Orleans comes The Breton Sound with their latest release "Don't Be Afraid Of Rock & Roll, Volume 1." It is the band's third release and features five hard rocking/heavy alternative songs, beginning with the raw guitar feel of "Rivers Cuomo." Their pure rock sound mirrors The Foo Fighters as the "what you hear is what you get," with no overproduction needed. The amazing rhythm of "Walking Backwards" has the band firing on all cylinders, before slowing down for the alternative/country ballad "Love You More," which features Cherie LeJeune on vocals. The five-song release closes with the powerful, energetic delivery of "Stiches" as their big rock sound is a welcome addition to the music community. To find out more about The Breton Sound and their latest EP "Don't Be Afraid Of Rock & Roll, Volume 1," please visit

Next from Jackson, MI comes the debut album from Black Vincent entitled "Teardrop Deluxe." The album brings early rock 'n' roll into the 21st century with lead singer Coley Kennedy crooning his way through these modern rockabilly/country melodies. Beginning with "Lonely And Blue," Black Vincent lays the perfect setting for this mellow ballad as Kennedy's vocals become the focus of the song. The moody tone of "When We Was Young," the swing of "Friends With Motorcycles" and the punk-like energy of "It's All Too Much" showcases Black Vincent as a rising band in the rockabilly genre as their music is highly contagious to listen to. For more information on their new album "Teardrop Deluxe," check out their Facebook page at

From Chicago comes the latest release from local powerhouse Razorhouse. Their new EP entitled "Codex Du" was released back in April and carries a modern, alternative rock sound that has that underground appeal. Beginning with the steadiness of "Distance Wheel," Razorhouse picks up the tempo with "Neu Sensation" and "Girl Like A Handgrenade" in order to showcase their youthful punk side. The short six-song release closes with the mellow, atmospheric tone of "St. Teresa." To find out more about Razorhouse and their latest release "Codex Du," please visit

Folk troubadour Bryan McPherson will be releasing his new album "Wedgewood" on June 10th. The new eleven-song release begins with the gentle strumming of "Born On A Highway" as his warming voice finds comfort in your heart with his singing. His delivery of "Dark Hearts" reminds me of the early days of Conor Oberst career with a slight frailty to his voice. He brings the energy to his music with the punk-like delivery of "Here We Go" and showcases confidence with the magical acoustic folk-rock of "Burn It Down." To find out more about Bryan McPherson and his latest release "Wedgewood," please visit

Canadian folk band Crooked House Road recently release their latest self-titled full-length album. It was produced by seven-time Juno award and Grammy nominated Ken Whiteley, whose recorded alongside legends Pete Seeger and John Hammond Jr. The new ten-song release begins with the dark harmonies of the quick swinging "Mountains" led by the singing duo of Shaina Silver-Baird and Mirian Kay. They slow the tempo down for the wonderful uplifting vocal flow of "Back To Me," while "Bundle Up" shows the emotion and depth to their performance. The wonderful musicianship of "Tell Me A Story" sounds like it belongs in a Disney movie and "Music Man" incorporates a little blues into their folk backdrop. The album closes with the gentle shuffle of "Goodbye My Friend" as the music of Crooked House Road is easy to get lost in. To find out more about Crooked House Road and their latest release, please visit

Also from Canada comes the debut album from the indie-rock band Mune. The album entitled "Falling Through" was released on June 2nd and features the sextet layering musical textures to create and atmosphere of easily accessible modern rock music. The new eight-song release begins with the dark tones of "Instinct," while "Fool My Senses" has a more "radio-friendly" sound that will drawn in new fans. The nearly seven-minute adventure of "Touch" is the highlight of the album as the music comes together perfectly to create an epic escape from the mundane. The album finishes up with the steady flow of "Fortress" and the smooth rock build-up of the closer "Stand Back." To find out more about Mune and their new album "Falling Through," please visit their Facebook page at

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