Friday, June 19, 2015

CD Review: New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Music Coming For You This Summer

Progressive metal band Black Space Riders return quickly with their 2015 follow-up album "Refugeeum." Hot on the heels of their international breakthrough album "D-REI," Black Space Riders struck again while the iron was hot. Their new nine-song release begins with the eight-minute build-up of "Vortex Sun," before delivering the more aggressive tone of "Universal Bloodlines." Black Space Riders bring a modern, maintained rock vibe with "The Lure (Come With Us)," but their sound really excels on the longer songs as in the ten-plus minutes of "Run To The Plains." The album closes with the atmospheric nine-minute march of "Ritual Of Inner Strength." To find out more about Black Space Riders and their latest release "Refugeeum," please visit
Another release that may have slipped under the radar is the newest from the veteran punk band Johnny B. Morbid. Their new album "Fall Of The Cicada" was released back in February and the band are heading out on a tour of the east coast beginning July 9th in New York. The tour runs through the month of July, ending in Pennsylvania on August 1st. The new ten song release stills showcases the band's youth with adrenaline pumping songs like "True Believer" and "Exile." Johnny B. Morbid combine the recklessness of punk with the speed of thrash metal in "Crucifixion" and take a more planned approach to the slower "Above And Beyond." The album finishes what what the band does best and that is knock you over with speed and precision as "In The Unknown" and the more intricate "Fall Of The Cicada." To find out more about Johnny B. Morbid and their latest release, please visit
Death metal band Bone Gnawer return with their sophomore release "Cannibal Crematorium." The trio is led by death metal legend Kam Lee and the new album features a load of special guests that fans of the genre may know. The new eleven-song release begins with the short two-minute introduction recordings of "Anthropophagist Inferno," before being blown away by the shear force of "Modern Day Cannibal." Bone Gnawer kicks it up another notch with the aggressive attack of "Chawed, Mauled & Gnawed" and the powerful "Chrome Skull." The album closes with the adrenaline fueled growl of the title-song "Cannibal Crematorium" as Bone Gnawer show no signs of slowing down. To find out more, please visit
Swedish Death Metal band Wombbath return after a 22 year hiatus with their brand new studio album "Downfall Rising." It will be released on August 21st through Dark Decent. While the line-up may have changed, the music is still a force to be reckon with. After a short 70-second decent into hell, Wombbath unleash their power with the forceful attack of "Under Apokalypsens Svarta Vingar." The growling vocals of "Underneath The Rotten Soil" and the incredible musicianship of "Fall Of The Weak" show the new rise of Wombbath should last for quite some time. To find out more about Wombbath and their latest release Downfall Rising," please visit their Facebook page at
Philadelphia rockers On Top return with a new four-song EP entitled "Topless." No only is the music fresh, energetic and heavy hitting, the album cover is not too bad either. The new release begins with the hard rock groove of "Lie To Me" which is a guitar-riff, hook-filled song that certainly grabs your attention. Their sound has a late-eighties undertone as with "Crazy," before closing with the adrenaline-fueled "Got Me Runnin'?" To find out more about On Top and their latest release "Topless," please visit their Facebook page at

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