Thursday, June 18, 2015

CD Review: New Music Releases From Rising Artists Patrick Ames, London Has Fallen And Shane Martin

First, we have the latest from singer/songwriter Patrick Ames, who wears his heart on his sleeve with his latest EP "Mutually." The new five-song EP brings together his nostalgic musical style with pop lyrics to create songs that you find yourself humming along to after a couple of listens. Ames has fun with the mellow folk/pop rhythm of "Do You Think That You Love Me," then stretches his talents on the blues/rock of "One Of Your Traps." The storied lyrics of the title-song, "Mutually" slowly develops in your mind, before closing with the six-minute, experimental trip of "You Have To Wait A Little Longer." To find out more about Patrick Ames and his latest release "Mutally," please visit
Next up is the latest album from the alternative rock/pop duo London Has Fallen. The new release entitled "Into The Night," shows a maturity in their songwriting, beginning with the addictive pop feel of "What You Wanted." There music walks the fine line between pop and alternative rock with "Into The Night," before closing the four-song album with their best song, the uptempo beats of "Leave Me Behind." To find out more about London Has Fallen, please visit
Finally we get to the latest release from modern country artist Shane Martin. His new album "Til The Wheels Fall Off" was released through Moody Waters Records and showcases Martin's exceptional songwriting as he hooks you in with the opener "I Am What I Am." He gets his classic country swagger swinging with "Whatever Floats Your Boat" as he portrays his enjoyment through his singing. He finds his way into your heart with the gentle touch of "Pour The Hurt On," before closing with the title song "Til The Wheels Come Off" as he leaves you wanting more from this rising new country artist. To find out more about Shane Martin and his new album, please visit

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