Wednesday, June 3, 2015

CD Review: New Rock Music Arrives From The Dreaming Tree, Hildegard And Scott Henderson

U.K. rockers The Dreaming Tree recently released their fourth studio album entitled "Silverfade." Their music combines the musicianship of progressive rock with the aggressive, raw nature of alternative/grunge music which makes The Dreaming Tree hard to place in one musical category. Their new fourteen-song release begins with the quicken pace of "Yesterdays Tomorrow" as the band feel like a tight solid unit on this fourth release. They expand upon their sound with the adventurous, eight-minute "Forever Not Forever." The use of keyboards really makes the smooth melody of "Cherry Winters" really stand out as the grunge-like guitars of "Autumn Haze" give the song a boost of energy. The album closes with mellow ballad of "The Ocean" and seven minutes of thunderous, spacey hard rock of "Zero To Type One." To find out more about The Dreaming Tree and their latest release "Silverfade," please visit

New Orleans art-rock band Hildegard recently released their self-titled debut album and features the teaming of young musicians Cliff Hines (guitar) and Sash Masakowski (vocals). The new ten-song release may not be for everyone, but Hildegard tries to draw everyone in with their different experimental type approach to their songwriting. Beginning with "A-Z" and "Sally Brown," you get a pop/rock sense to their music, but that changes with the harmonizing tones of "Karma" as they look to take the listener on an adventure. The soulfulness of "Cabin 72" showcases an experience in music well beyond the years of these two musicians. The album closes with the gentle touch of "Quetzal" and the modern progressive rock tone of "Vanishing Hue." To find out more about Hildegard, pleas visit

American jazz/blues guitarist extraordinaire Scott Henderson recently released his fifth solo album entitled "Vibe Station." He was one of the co-founders of the progressive fusion jazz band Tribal Tech and has become a teacher at the Guitar Institute of Technology in California. His latest nine-song release is a masterful piece of guitar wizardry, beginning with smooth swing of the "Church Of Xotic Dance." The nine-minute rocker "Spinx" and seven-minute "Manic Carpet" showcase Scott's guitar talents perfectly, while "Calhoun" has a more jazzier feel to the song. The album finishes up with the progressive nature of "Dew Wut?" as the speedy drumming motors the song, before arriving at the mellow blues of "Chelsea Bridge." To find out more about Scott Henderson and his latest release "Vibe Station," please visit

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