Saturday, June 20, 2015

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Brings Back The "Days Of Wine And Roses" From The Dream Syndicate

Eighties alternative rock band The Dream Syndicate made an instant impact on the underground, modern rock scene with their debut album "Days Of Wine And Roses." With a sound like the Velvet Underground combined with a punk-like energy, The Dream Syndicate became a cult college radio favorite and earned opening lots on national tours by R.E.M. and U2. But, with poor record sales and no promotion from video giant MTV, The Dream Syndicate called it quits in 1989 and their albums became scarce and hare to find.

On June 16th, Omnivore Recordings is bringing back the debut album of The Dream Syndicate on CD after being out of print for more than a decade. The original album was remastered and expanded with six bonus tracks of the band in the studio in 1982. The album showcased the band's art-rock sound with the songs "Halloween" and "Until Lately" while also showcasing their love for punk with "Definitely Clean" and "The She Remembers."

The bonus tracks begin with a quick jam entitled "Is It Rolling Bob?," then transitions into the more experimental "A Reason" and "Like Mary." The Dream Syndicate sound very loose and free in the studio as you here them develop these songs from just jamming together. The album closes with the ten-minute guitar frenzy that is one of the earliest know studio recording of the band from January 1982. To find out more about this new reissue of The Dream Syndicate's debut album "Days Of Wine And Roses," please visit

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