Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CD Review: Pianist Heidi Breyer Brings Us The Grace And Elegance Of "Letters From Far Away"

British born pianist Heidi Breyer recently released her latest album "Letters From Far Away." She presents her new album in two forms with two discs, one is a solo piano instrumental and the second is with full orchestration. The theme of this new release is a tribute to the lives of two people who fell in love in a Post World War II Europe. The album title, "Letters From Far Away" becomes the subject of these wonderful instrumental pieces.
The mood of the solo piano disc draws more meaning and passion to the songs as you reflect on the simplicity of one single instrument. Heidi had this original idea for the album as her talents and musicianship is enough to carry the songs. The piano instrumental disc has a more complete feel to the storied songs as heard in "Small Cafe" and "Old Photograph." The addition of strings and brass showcases a different perspective to the music as more of a movie soundtrack, while the piano solo disc feels like a first person perspective of the meaning behind the songs. The gentle touch of "Starry Pond" displays the delicate touch Heidi puts into her complete performance. To find out more about Heidi Breyer and her latest release "Letters From Far Away," please visit her website at heidibreyer.com.

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