Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blu-ray/DVD Review: Andy Summers Tells Us About "Surviving The Police" In His New Documentary

Arriving soon on Blu-ray and DVD from Cinema Libre Studio is the documentary "Can't Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police." It is based on the acclaimed memoir from The Police guitarist Andy Summers entitled "One Train Later." The documentary is told in the words of Andy Summers, reading from his memoir as his professional history is displayed on the screen. Beginning with the early days of his sixties groups Zoot Money's Big Roll Band and Dantalian's Chariot, Summers tells the tales of career turmoil and rejection, before his introduction to Sting and Stewart Copeland in the mid-seventies.

The mood of the movie changes between the exciting discovery and early success of The Police to his depression, being separated from his wife and child from being away on tour. Interwoven between classic video clips of The Police in the seventies and eighties is rehearsal and backstage footage of their reunion tour in 2007. Summers tells the history of the band from a very personal level, living the life first hand and also laying out the truth behind the scenes of the implosion of The Police in 1984. Summers touches upon his hobby of photography, as he would capture many of the different locations that The Police have explored through the years on their various tours.

One of the highlights of the documentary is when Andy Summers is roaming around Japan, taking artistic photographs, and wanders by a karaoke bar where "Every Breath You Take" is being performed. He walks into the bar and starts singing along without anyone recognizing him until he removes his winter hat. He just lifts the spirits of the patrons of the bar with his presence.

Summers puts an emotional spin into the history of the band, which gives you a better feel for the truth, than just watching a regular documentary of the band. It was wonderful how the history of the band comes full circle with their reunion tour that broke records around the world. This wonderful new Blu-ray also features an audio commentary with Andy Summers and director Norman Golightly, a feature of Andy Summers In His Own Words, a Q&A with Andy Summers, an amazing look at Summers' photos from throughout his career and trailers for the documentary. It will be available on July 14th on Blu-ray and DVD. To find out more, please visit

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