Thursday, July 16, 2015

CD Review: Check Out The Best Of Afternoons In Stereo And The Latest From Electric Litany

Ten years after the release of their debut album, Afternoons In Stereo are compiling their funkiest, club/dance driven tracks for a new release entitled "Retrospective." It features twelve songs from throughout the band's career along with two brand new recordings. The album begins with the new single "Galaxina," which is a trip back in time with its seventies disco vibe and club beats. Last year, Afternoons In Stereo explored their jazzier side with the album "A Jazz Odyssey," while this new collection is great for parties as well as lounging around your favorite summer escape. The smooth feel of "Dawn In Mahihi" does not take away from the album's chilled-vibe, while "Shadows" looks to incorporate some of that jazz-flair back into their sound. The rhythm fueled "Kalakuta Republik" and classy feel of "Soul Sugar" are guaranteed to get your body moving as Afternoons In Stereo bring in the funk of "Return Of The Puma." The 78-minute packed album closes with the slow, R&B beats of "The Art Of Dolby." To find out more about Afternoons In Stereo and their latest release "Retrospective," please visit

They have been heralded as the "next Radiohead" and have toured with the likes of Alan Parsons, Interpol and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but Electric Litany are ready to bring their music to the masses with their latest release "Enduring Days You Will Overcome." Their modern, synth-fueled sound has a very appealing quality as their songs are moody masterpieces. Beginning with the mellow build-up of "Silence," your emotions are keep in check, while "Hold Fast To Your Dreams" has a more pop quality to it. They lighten up their touch on the fragile delivery of "Vanish," then bring together their grand instrumentation and floating vocals for the seven-minute epic sounding "Enduring Days You Will Overcome." They add a bit more pop back into their sound with the electronic beats of "In The Morning," while "Feather Of Ecstasy" is a hit single waiting in the wings. Electric Litany close out their album with the piano ballad "Farewell (To Setting Flowers)." To find out more about Electric Litany, please visit their Facebook page at

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