Saturday, July 4, 2015

CD Review: Consider The Source Finish Their "World War Trio" With Double Album

Progressive rock band Consider The Source are closing out their "World War Trio" with the final two parts. Part 1 was released earlier this year (review: and parts 2 and 3 were released back in June as a two disc set packed with amazing instrumental rock music. The trio of John Ferrara, Gabriel Marin and Jeff Mann have certainly made a defining statement with these albums as it showcases a new pinnacle of musicianship for this band.

Disc 1 (of the two disc set) begins with the heavy metal pounding of "Aquarians," while "Many Worlds Of Disapproval" has a more intricate structure to the song's overall delivery. These two openers only sets the stage for the ten-minute epic "This Dubious Honor," as the smooth, melodic tone introduces their Middle Eastern influences into this tempo changing wonder. Another amazing track on the first disc is the eleven-minute sonic adventure of "You Are Obsolete." They close out "World War Trio Part II" with the Middle Eastern infused rhythm of "Brother Nature" and the gentle flow of "40% Gentleman, 60% Scholar."

The second disc starts out with the heavy influence of jazz fusion of "A Monument To Compromise (Faux Clarinet)" as the band lay down a sonic weave of sounds that will definitely peak your curiosity. One of the oldest songs in this trio of releases is "Ninjanuity" as you can hear the band, especially guitarist Gabriel Marin enjoying their improvisional freedom. The giant sixteen-minute music epic entitled "So Say We All" is broken up into three pieces as to better absorb the different textures to each piece as each one can certainly stand on it's own. The set closes with the lighter, Middle Eastern rhythm-filled "Tsim Sha Tasui" and the mellow tone of the ballad "You Are Disappearing."

Consider The Source are currently on a U.S. tour which run to the end of September. To find out more about Consider The Source and their latest release "World War Trio Parts II & III," please visit

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