Friday, July 31, 2015

CD Review: Great New Heavy Metal Music Arriving In August From Metal Blade Records

Arriving in August from Metal Blade Records is the seventh album from grindcore metal giant Cattle Decapitation entitled "The Anthropocene Extinction." The theme of the new album revolves around the Anthropocene Era, which is a "time period where humankind has had the most profound negative effect on the Earth." The band's sound seems to be growing with each release as the songs on "The Anthropocene Extinction" have a more detailed structure to them. The new twelve-song album begins with the chugging rhythm of "Manufactured Extinct" as the familiar howling vocals of Travis Ryan come bleeding through your speakers. They speed things up to hyperdrive with the machine gun drumming of "The Prophet Of Loss," before mixing tempos on the exciting new "Plagueborne" featuring Tristan Shone (Author & Punisher). They continue their onslaught with the hard hitting "Circo Inhumanitas" and vocal screams of "Mammals In Babylon." The album finishes with the energetic attack of "Pacific Grim" as Cattle Decapitation put everything in their delivery of their music. As the band gets ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary next year, look for Cattle Decapitation to hit the road this summer for a U.S. tour. To find out more about their latest release "The Anthropocene Extinction," please visit their Facebook page at
Returning after a two year absence is the new album from hardcore metal band Battlecross entitled "Rise To Power." This is the band's fourth album and looks to continue the success of their 2013 breakthrough album "War Or Will." Following the August 21st release date, Battlecross will be hitting the road for a month-long tour with GWAR and the Butcher Babies. The new ten song album begins with the high-energy attack of "Scars" as their metal sound is maturing with each new release. The howls and screams of "Not Your Slave" and blazing guitar solos in "Absence" are masterful pieces of powerful heavy metal as the band continues to uncover their potential. The power blast of "The Climb" and the amazing closers "Shackles" and "The Path" has Battlecross firing on all cylinders making this new album their best by far. To find out more about Battlecross and their new album "Rise To Power," please visit their website at
Two years ago, American death metal band Rivers Of Nihil released their debut album "The Conscience Seed Of Light" (review: Since then, they have become a rising global metal act that shows no signs of slowing down. On August 21st, Rivers Of Nihil will be releasing their sophomore follow-up "Monarchy." The album continues the story that began with their debut album, but takes place thousands of years after the events discussed in the previous album about the destruction of Earth. The new ten song release start out with the rise of "Heirless" as the instruments slowly lead you into the chaotic attack of "Perpetual Growth Machine." The band expands upon their hardcore/death metal sound with a more progressive metal approach to "Sand Baptism" and then showcase their musicianship in "Ancestral, I." They lift their foot up slightly on the accelerator for the more mainstream metal appeal of "Monarchy," before closing with the six-minute, prog-metal of "Circles In The Sky" and the intense delivery of "Suntold." To find out more about Rivers Of Nihil and their latest release "Monarchy," please visit their Facebook page at
Also arriving in August is the new 7" single from Swedish rock band Noctum with "Until Then...Until The End" on side A and "In Precious Time" on side B. This release sets the stage for a short fifteen-date European tour that begins at the end of August. The new release also feature the debut of new guitarist Christoffer Lofgren. The new singles showcase the band's use of the studio to create a great piece of attractive heavy metal music. Noctum does a masterful job capturing that classic heavy metal sound with these two new songs. To find out more about Noctum, please visit

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