Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CD Review: Independent Artists Twin Within, Only On Tuesdays, Milo McMahon And The Foreign Films Release New Music

The Canadian vocal duo of Steve McKay and Alex Samaras recently released their debut album as Twin Within. The new release "Horizontal Lines," is based on the subject of adult life as the wonderful harmonizing between the two can just melt your troubles away, as in "Faraway Car Ride." They also bring to light a Simon & Garfunkel-like sound to their pop songs, "Bernie" and "We Talk." The short eight-song release closes with acoustic folk/pop of "Two Within" and the soul-infused ballad "As Always." To find out more about Twin Within and their latest release "Horizontal Lines," please visit their website at twinwithin.ca.

California pop/folk group Only On Tuesdays recently released their debut EP entitled "Break Free." The five song release touches upon all of the band's talents, including great songwriting, exceptional vocals and a modern flair for acoustic pop music. The new album begins with the gentle touch of "Break Free" as you instantly get caught up in singer Autumn Skibinski's vocals. Her voice takes on a Jewel-like quality with the fragile delivery of "Fall," before plugging in to release their energy in the southern rock groove of "Rendezvous." The album finishes up with the fun, up-tempo, light-hearted "Darling Dearest." To find out more about Only On Tuesdays, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/onlyontuesdaysmusic.

Canadian singer/songwriter Milo McMahon recently released his latest album "Who I Knew." This four song EP follows his two earlier albums and showcases his growth and maturity as a songwriter. Beginning with the rock shuffle of "All Or Nothing," McMahon gets the album to a strong start with this two-and-a-half minute burst of energy. He experiments with his sound on the mellow feel of "Caveman," before returning to the acoustic pop/rock of "Breeze." He closes with the musical build-up of "Who I Knew" as Milo incorporates many different musical ideas into this six-minute highlight. To find out more about Milo McMahon and his latest album "Who I Knew," please visit milomcmahon.com.

Independent musician Bill Majoros returns with the latest release from The Foreign Films entitled "The Record Collector: Side 3." It is a continuation of his double-album which is to be released in four parts. Last September, we saw the release of "Side 2" (review: jpsmusicblog.blogspot.com) and this new six-song release reflects the influences of early 60's British pop/rock and 70's singer/songwriter folk rock. Beginning with "Northern Love Song," you can definitely find the influences seeping into his writing as this song sounds like a long lost pop gem from the British invasion. He adds a touch of sixties psychedelica to "Empire In The Night," while the gentle acoustics of "Girl By The River" is a great piece of songwriting that stripes everything away and shows Bill's true talents. The album closes with female singer Kori Pop taking the lead vocals on the softer, smooth rock sway of "A Foolish Symphony (Sway)." To find out more about The Foreign Films, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/theforeignfilms.

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