Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Delivers New Between The Buried And Me Album And Debuts New Music From Cut Up

Progressive metal band Between The Buried And Me will be releasing their seventh studio album "Coma Ecliptic" on July 10th through Metal Blade Records. They are then following that release with a 31-date U.S. tour. The band has also mentioned that the theme of this album is about a man in a coma, revisiting his past lives and then given the choice to stay or move on to something better.
The packed, eleven-song release begins with the gentle beginnings of "Node," as Between The Buried And Me have shown a maturity in their songwriting and in their album structure. Instead of just diving into the heavy riffs and pulsating rhythms, they set the stage for the stories that are to come from each song. The adrenaline builds during "The Coma Machine," as the nearly eight-minute epic ushers in the band's heavy metal sound. The song structure has also gotten more intricate as in "Famine Wolf," bringing together the howling metal vocals with a melodic guitar riff that look to overpower your senses as they do with "King Redeem-Queen Serene." The album finishes up with the mainstream hard rock appeal of "Option Oblivion" and the slow build-up of "Life In Velvet." To find out more about Between The Buried And Me, please visit their website at betweentheburiedandme.com.
Also new from Metal Blade Records is the debut album from Cut Up entitled "Forensic Nightmare."  This Swedish death metal band has a combined 50 years of death metal experience as they join forces on this new eleven-track release. Beginning with "Enter Hell," you feel the intensity in their delivery. They keep the speed going right through "Burial Time" as the howling vocals of "Remember The Flesh" gives the music more space to roam. The band sounds in top form on "Brain Cell Holocaust" and "Order Of The Chainsaw" as their experience makes this one of the top death metal albums of the year. To find out more about Cut Up and their latest release "Forensic Nightmare," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/cutupofficial.

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