Friday, July 10, 2015

CD Review: New Independent Releases From Eric & Aaron, Magnificent Brids Of Prey, The Chewers And Spells Of Vertigo

From New York City comes the pop/rock duo of Eric Larson and Aaron Berk with their debut album "To Keep From Losing Our Minds." The two have the perfect pop chemistry as their voices come together and portray a powerfully energetic feel. The new six song release begins with the chorus of "On The Roads" bringing everyone out onto the dancefloor, while "Woods" is perfect blend of rock and pop to make this a hit radio single that crosses many different genres. The grunge-like guitars of "Long Time" gives the song a darker tone, before returning to the light, up-beat pop sounds of "Lola." To find out more about Eric And Aaron and their latest release "To Keep From Losing Our Minds," please visit their website at

Members of the Magnificent Birds of Prey have gathered from all over the Northeast to create a raw, alternative rock sound that is lost in today's polished rock world. They will be releasing their latest full-length studio album "Kaleidoscope" in August and are following that with a regional tour of the Northeast. The new twelve-song release begins with the slow-grunge of "Sticks And Stones," then take on a more modern rock appeal with "Icon." The sway of "Stormtrooper" shows the band's softer side with their "tongue-in-cheek" humor, while "Seven" is a nice blast of punk-like energy. The album closes with the ballad "Lullaby" and the uptempo, pop/rock touch of "Sharpie." To find out more about the Magnificent Birds of Prey and their latest release "Kaleidoscope," please visit

From Nashville, TN comes the latest from the underground, avant-garde rock band The Chewers entitled "Dead Dads." The duo of Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler had a tough time with this album as both of their dads passed away during the two years it took to record this latest album. The new twenty song release draws up some similarities to early Ween or Beck as they experiment with their sound on "Dig The Pit" and "Jimmy Does The Shimmy." While their music may never catch the attention of pop radio, that is not their purpose as their sound descends from the early experimental days of Frank Zappa as "The Reduction" and "The Lurk" have so much going on, that more than one listen is necessary. The Chewers take on the blues with "Rot Gut" and try to assemble an up-tempo romp with "Swelling Spasm Frustration," that your not sure what is going on within the song. The storied, talk-through lyrics of "The Chase" makes The Chewers the perfect candidates for a dark movie soundtrack. To find out more about The Chewers, please visit their website at

Canadian rock band Spells Of Vertigo return with their latest EP entitled "Soaked." It features three songs dripping with grunge guitars, steady rock rhythms and addictive rock vocals. The short two minute opener "Telegentic" sounds like the second coming of Mudhoney, while "Baby Born (With No Brain)" is all about the guitars buzzing from the speakers. The album closes with the six-minute "Clover" as the the guitars crash the party of the song's mellow vocals and drumming. To find out more about Spells Of Vertigo and their latest release "Soaked," please visit their Facebook page at

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