Thursday, July 30, 2015

CD Review: New Jazz Music To Expand Your Pallette From Jason Kearse And From Squadra Omega

From Maryland comes the solo debut release from up-n-coming jazz pianist Jason Kearse entitled "Humility." His three piece band is a small step away from his work with the Kearse Brothers, but allows Jason to experiment more on his own. The new eight song release begins with the slow, rhythmic introduction of "Canvas," as he begins to fill in the blanks with his piano skills. Jason feels his way around the piano keys in "Locks" as the drums keeps the momentum going. The great sounds of jazz all come together perfectly in exciting seven-minute song, "Grass" as the music keeps things interesting and on point with the album's overall sound. The album finishes up with the quick pace of "Trains," before closing with the lighter, aerier feel of "Waterfall" as the musicians search for a common ground within the music. To find out more about Jason Kearse and the Kearse Brothers, please visit their Facebook page at
Also recently released is latest album from the Italian Avant-garde jazz/rock band Squadra Omega entitled "Altri Occhi ci Guardano," which means "Other Eyes Look At Us." This trio lets their experimental side fly as the songs carry a very freeform dynamic, beginning with the tune-up sounds of "Il Buio Dentro." They continue with the psychedelic rock of the eight-minute "Sospesi nell'Oblio" and jam during the jazz fusion of "Il Labirinto." The new nine-song release closes with the twelve-minute jazz/funk fueled "Altri Occhi ci Guardano" and the gentler acoustics of "Le Rovine Circolari." To find out more about Squadra Omega, please visit their Facebook page at

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