Sunday, July 19, 2015

CD Review: Progressive Rock Band Kinetic Element Lay Out Their Plans With "Travelog"

American progressive rock band Kinetic Element return with their sophomore album "Travelog." It's a masterful piece of progressive rock that will have you comparing them with the early days of Yes, Genesis and Styx. The new five song album begins with the grand twenty-minute epic "War Song." The song builds with intensity as the keyboards and guitar battle for dominance, while the drums and bass keep the rhythm steady. Singer Demitrius LaFavors of fellow prog-rock band Odin's Court, gives a stellar vocal performance in the song. They follow this up with the more melodic flow of "Travelog," before heading into the Yes-like feel of "In The Lair," as Kinetic Element switch tempos on a whim to keep things interesting. The album closes with the strong, steady musicianship of "Visions Of A New Dawn" as Kinetic Element find the perfect balance of grace and power. To find out more about Kinetic Element and their latest album "Travelog," please visit their Facebook page at

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