Thursday, July 9, 2015

CD Review: The Return Of New Rock Music From Hatebeak, Le Cerca And The Left Outsides

The return of Hatebeak began on June 26th with the release of their latest album "Number Of The Beak." This somewhat new death metal/grindcore band is fronted by none-other than a 21 year old Congo African Grey Parrot who goes by the name Waldo. Along with Blake Harrison and Mark Sloan, Hatebeak have created some of the most intensely, insane heavy metal music ever recorded. The pure speed of "Seven Perches" and explosive power of "Pecking Crew" are two of the album's six newer songs. Also added are eight songs from the band's out of print EPs recorded between 2004-2007. Highlights include the dark, death metal grind of "Beak Of Putrefaction" and the trash metal attack of "The Thing That Should Not Beak." The new album was released through Reptilian Records on CD and vinyl along with the perfect cover rip-off of the famous artwork of Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast." To find out more about Hatebeak, please visit
Arriving on July 10th is the latest release from the Tucson, AZ band La Cerca entitled "Sunrise For Everyone." Their new nine-song release has mellow rock vibe, beginning with a tribute to their home state "Arizona." The new album is a "love letter" to their state with appropriately named songs like "Climate Control" and "Sunrise For Everyone" as they instill some psychedelic aspects into their music. The pop swing of "Sorry XO" and acoustic rock of "The First One" are perfect gems to gather new fans, as "Dream Continues" has a simplicity that is missing from a lot of today's modern pop/rock music. To find out more about Le Cerca, please visit their Facebook page at
Also arriving the same day is the latest from the husband and wife duo of Mark Nicholas and Alison Cotton, better known as The Left Outsides. Their new album entitled "The Shape Of Things To Come" will be released through Xemu Records. It features thirteen gentle folk/rock tales as both Mark and Alison take turns with lead vocals. The album begins with the Latin swing of "The Third Light," before Alison's vocals on "To Where Your Footsteps Led" has an innocent quality to it that gives the song a lullaby feel. The Left Outsides do plug in to rock on "Unopened Letters and Unanswered Calls," then journey to the psychedelic side of rock with the mind-expanding sound of "Always The Last Two Know." They also place a sixties vibe on "Out Of Time, Out Of Place," before closing with with the folk/rock sway of "The Shape Of Things To Come." To find out more about The Left Outsides, please visit their Facebook page at

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