Friday, July 24, 2015

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Independent Bands Magister Templi And Behold! The Monolith

Norwegian heavy metal band Magister Templi return with their second release on Cruz Del Sur Music entitled "Into Duat." The album centers around the myths of the gods of Egyptian Mythology as the music pounds away with the marching drums of the opener "Creation." The music picks up with intensity in "Lord Of The Morning" as they mix tempos, which shows a progressive metal side to their sound as also displayed in "Anubis." Their sound carries a thrash metal undertone as in "Horus The Avenger" and "Slaying Apophis," while the album closer "Destruction" has a more mystical feel then the rest of the album. To find out more about Magister Templi and their latest release "Into Duat," please visit their Facebook page at
Next, From Los Angles, CA comes the latest release from the doom metal band Behold! The Monolith. The new album "Architects Of The Void" with be independently self-released in September and produced by the legendary Billy Anderson (Melvins, Leviathan). The new seven-song release begins with the slow, heavy drugging guitars of "Umbral Vale." New vocalist Jordan Nally gets his due attention with the screaming vocals of "Philosopher's Blade," while the band's progressive metal sound get highlighted by the eight-minute adventure of "The Mithriditist." The album finishes with the quick, heavy metal pounding rhythm of "Between Oder And The Vistula" along with the fourteen-minute epic juggernaut "Architects Of The Void," which fully encompasses the band doom metal sound. To find out more about Behold! The Monolith, please visit their website at
Finally, we get the new arrival of the latest single from one of New York City's newest independent metal men, Kore Rozzik. The new song entitled "Rock Star" has a great, gritty hard rock groove and a shout along chorus. One of this summer's greatest arena rockers will hopefully lead the way for a new album. To find out more about Kore Rozzik, please visit

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