Monday, August 3, 2015

CD Review: The Aaron Clift Experiment Examines Your "Inner Darkness" On Latest Release

From Austin, TX comes the sophomore follow-up album from The Aaron Clift Experiment entitled "Outer Light, Inner Darkness." Their sound brings together many of their early progressive rock influences like Genesis, Pink Floyd and Rush and combines it with their love of classical composition from Beethoven and Mozart.
The new eleven song release begins with the seven-minute progressive rock intricacy of "Kissed By The Sun" as their musical skills are put to the test. The slower delivery of "Locked" and moderate pace of "Fragments Of Sleep" are appealing pieces of music that anyone can find themselves hooked on. Progressive hard rock fans will appreciate their delivery of "Your Arms Hold Them To The Dark," before taking you on an twenty-minute adventure with the songs "The Last Oasis" and "Moonscape." These song fully incorporate their love for classical music while bringing it into today's ever-expanding rock genre. To find out more about The Aaron Clift Experiment and their latest album "Outer Light, Inner Darkness," please visit

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