Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Jeff Przech And Random Hubiak

Connecticut native Jeff Przech released his debut solo album back in March and is currently touring the East Coast this summer, performing all throughout Connecticut, including the Podunk Bluegrass Festival on August 6th. His new album "Sounds Like Fresh" has been receiving rave reviews and has a great warm tone to his songwriting. The eleven-track album begins the soft acoustic strummings of "Eden and "Wasting Time," which will both win your heart over right from the start. His country/folk/rock prowess takes over with the gentle flow of the songs "Tell Me Something" and "Back Again."  Jeff's vocals in "Make A Wrong Thing Right" are strong, as this country gem is just waiting to be uncovered. He closes the album with a great cover of Ryan Adams' "English Girls Approximately," as he does his best to stay true to the original. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about Jeff Przech, please visit his website at
Singer/songwriter Random Hubiak will be releasing his latest EP "Hotel By The River" at the end of the month. The new six-song release finds Hubiak returning to his Americana roots, beginning with the piano led title song, as he duets wonderfully with Barb Gurskey. He brings back the early days of Billy Joel within the sound of "The Bed That Froze," while "I'm Told You Never Sleep" has touches of the past on this exceptional nostalgic trip. The album finishes with the quiet ballad "Ars Poetica," which showcases Hubiak's great songwriting talents. To find out more about Random Hubiak and his latest release "Hotel By The River," please visit his Facebook page at

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