Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CD Review: New Releases Feature The End Of Pearl And The Beard And The Beginning Of Coffee Pot Drive

The New York alternative/folk/pop trio Pearl And The Beard are calling it quits after the release of their third and final album "Beast." The band seemed to have brought their music as far as it would go and have seemed to have reached an "impasse" on their future together. The new twelve song release begins with the highly addictive, highly energetic feel of "You" as this definitely does not sound like a band with no future together. The rhythmic delivery of "Animal Again" has "hit single" written all over it as the sing-along chorus is the perfect attention grabber. They slow down for the Americana/folk sounds of "Good Death" and the touching delivery of "Yet." Their sound picks up with the swampy gospel blues of "Devil's Head Down," before closing with the slow swaying appeal of "Landmine." Pearl And The Beard have one final farewell show on November 19th at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. To find out more about their new album "Beast," please visit their website at pearlandthebeard.com.
Finally, London's answer to the Alabama Shakes has arrived in the form of Coffee Pot Drive. Their new album "Edge Of Town" is a guitar infused funk/rock/blues piece of musical magic that does not happen too often with a band's debut release. They have already toured with the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, REO Speedwagon, Uriah Heep and Status Quo and not before long will be headlining their own tour in no time. The new twelve song release begins with "Fallback" featuring the noticeably powerful vocals of Lady Oracle on this funk-fused rock number. They pull in some influence from the southern rock of the U.S. on "Deep Freeze," then delivery the "jammy" rock of "The Forest." Their lead single "Hey Suzy!" is a rhythmic fantasy that showcases the many different cultural backgrounds involved in Coffee Pot Drive. The sweet soul of "I Love You" and guitar-driven rocker "Don't Know Love" certainly boost this band's attractiveness as they are a musical force on the rise and one to watch as they begin to invade the U.S. airwaves. To find out more about Coffee Pot Drive and their new release "Edge OF Town," please visit their website at coffeepotdrive.com.

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