Sunday, August 30, 2015

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Re-Issues Three Albums From Peter Frampton

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Peter Frampton has been in the music industry for over 45 years. First as a member of the English rock band Humble Pie, then as a solo artist. His big break-through commercial success came in the form of his live album "Frampton Comes Alive," which has sold over 11 million copies worldwide. The seventies was a fluent time for Frampton with gold and platinum album sales, but repeating that feat in the eighties became a difficult task.

After the disappointment of his 1982 album, "The Art Of Control," Frampton took four years off before returning with one of his best albums of the eighties "Premonition." It features the hit singles "Lying" and "All Eyes On You" along with help from future Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers drummer Steve Ferrone and King Crimson bassist Tony Levin. The album still feels slightly dated with the overuse of keyboards, but showcases some of Frampton's best guitar work as in the title-song and "Moving A Mountain," which has a harder rock appeal. Omnivore Recordings is re-issuing the album along with his 1989 album "When All The Pieces Fit" on August 28th. These two releases have been out of print for over a decade and will now be available once again. The new release of "Premonition" tacks on two bonus tracks to the original album, the pop feel of "So Far Away" and the eighties rock of "Nothing At All."

Frampton followed his successful "Premonition" album with the 1989 release of "When All The Pieces Fit." It would be his last studio album for over five years. Frampton would use his experience of being on David Bowie's "Glass Spiders Tour" in 1987 as inspiration for this album. While it did not produce any hit singles, the vibe of the album changed to a lighter rock sound. The "made for eighties radio" song "Hold On To You" and grand-scale, Queen-like rocker "People All Over The World," showcase some of Frampton's best songwriting of the eighties.

Peter Frampton would not return with a new studio album for five years, before releasing the first independent label release of his career with 2003's "Now." On September 4th, Omnivore Recordings will re-release the album as part two of their Peter Frampton re-issue campaign. With a renewed sense of creating music, Frampton would return stronger than ever with a true guitar album. "Now" showed that Frampton would not go quietly into the night as he comes bursting out with the guitar driven "Verge Of A Thing." He also incorporated the blues back into his songwriting with "Flying Without Wings" and put his heart one the line with the touching delivery of "Not Forgotten." The highlight of the album is his tribute to his recently departed friend George Harrison with a classy, bluesy rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." To find out more about these new Peter Frampton re-issues from Omnivore Recordings, please visit

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