Saturday, August 29, 2015

Concert Review: Adler Brings A New Appetite For Hard Rock To Mohegan Sun

Former Guns N Roses drummer, Steven Adler has been on a rollercoaster of extreme highs and death-defying lows. Having played on one of the biggest selling rock albums of all-time, Adler was given the world on a silver platter, but his addictions to drugs got the better of him.

After being fired from the band in 1990, he took a hiatus from music, suffering a drug-induced stroke in 1996. He once again made a presence in the music industry, but did not become a household name again until his appearance on the reality TV shows "Celebrity Rehab" and "Sober House." As Steven Adler continues to fight his addictions, he has also put together his latest, and most successful solo band entitled simply, Adler. Consisting of leading singer Jacob Bunton, guitarist Lonny Paul and bassist Johnny Martin, Adler brought some classic hard rock from the Sunset Strip to the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun on Friday night.

With the crowd in front of the stage beginning to swell, Steven Adler and the rest of the band took up their positions, to which all except singer Jacob Bunton would remain in for the next hour. Four hits of the cymbal from Adler signaled the start of the show with the well-known Guns N Roses song "Nighttrain." Lead singer Jacob Bunton distributed great energy that flowed throughout the rest of the band as they dove into some originals from their debut album "Back From The Dead." Bunton was very talkative with the small, club-like audience, while Steven Adler smiled throughout the performance, especially during the GNR classics "Mr. Brownstone" and "Rocket Queen."

Not until the electrifying guitar solo at the close of "Blown Away" did you realize the full talents of Bunton, as he covered the stage, showing off his guitar skills. After the quick, punk-like feel of "Habit," a very well-known, behind the head guitar intro signaled everyone to get on their feet, let loose and sing along to the GNR hit "Sweet Child O' Mine."

After a very quick break, another well-known guitar intro raised the energy in the Wolf Den with an spirited performance of "Welcome To The Jungle." Bunton made sure to involve everyone as he ventured out into the audience to get everyone singing along to the chorus. As eighty-minutes quickly passed, Steven Adler and his band stood on stage, excited by what the future holds as he thanked everyone for giving his dream another chance.

A new Adler album is to be released early next year and with recent rumors surrounding the reuniting of the original line-up of Guns N Roses, Steven Adler is now in the drivers seat. The grin that dons his face now has meaning behind it as he may still be writing the best chapter of his musical career.

Setlist: Nighttrain, Own Worse Enemy, Back From The Dead, Mr. Brownstone, The One That You Hated, Good To Be Bad, Waterfall, Rocket Queen, Dead Wrong, Blown Away, Habit, Sweet Child O' Mine
Encore: Welcome To The Jungle

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