Friday, September 11, 2015

CD Review: eOne Music Is Preparing To Unleash New Metal Music From TesseracT, Reflections And Fit For An Autopsy

As Autumn approaches, eOne Music are still applying the heat with a trio of new hard rock/heavy metal releases, beginning with the latest release from prog-metal band TesseracT. There new album entitled "Polaris" will be released on September 18th and showcases the band's continued growth in their songwriting and performance. The new nine song release begins with "Dystopia," a 7-minute journey of energetic grooves and epic vocals that shows this band is about structure and discipline with their music. The music builds from a piano ballad to a aggressive close in "Hexes," while "Survival" has the mainstream radio rock sound that is sure to draw in new fans. The mixed tempos on "Utopia" keep you guessing on the direction of the song, while "Messenger" is a hard rock, rhythm attack that motors through the quick, 3-minute song. The album finishes with the slow build-up of "Seven Names" to close on a high note. To find out more about TesseracT and their new album "Polaris," please visit their website at
Also arriving on September 18th is the latest album from Reflections entitled "The Color Clear." The music reflects singer Jake Wolfe's 18 months of hell as he battled addiction, the loss of a close friend and the destruction of his home from fire. Beginning with "Pseudo," the intensity builds with quick double-bass drums that are firing on all cylinders. The screaming vocals of "Sadist" and "Limbo" showcases an intensity in the band's delivery. They showcase their hardcore metal appeal with the quick-hitting "Butterfly Effect," before expanding into the deep metal groove of "Actias Luna." The album finishes with the experimental power of "Transparence" as the band's power is felt through the slow pace of the song. To find out more about Reflections and their latest album "The Color Clear," please visit their Facebook page at
Finally we get to the latest album from Fit For An Autopsy entitled "Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell," which will not be released until October 2nd. The band took a different approach to this album by removing "blast beats and breakdowns" and adding more depth to their music. The new 11-song album begins with that exact concept, as the album's title song mixes tempos, but keeps the intensity. Fit For An Autopsy revert back to their hardcore, death metal sound in "Saltwound," while "Storm Drains" displays some great guitar work. The gentle build-up of "Out To Sea" is a nice break from the speed, before closing with the powerfully epic delivery of "Swing The Axe." To find out more about Fit For An Autopsy and their new album "Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell," please visit their Facebook page at

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