Thursday, September 3, 2015

CD Review: New Music Arrives From Hardcore Heavy Metal Bands Terror And Matricide

Los Angeles hardcore metal band Terror return with its sixth studio album "The Twenty Fifth Hour." Clocking in at just over twenty-two minutes, the new fourteen-song release contains no waste, no "throw-away" tracks, no "fillers." The album hits hard right from the opening one-two punch of "The 25th Hour" and "No Time For Fools." While most of the songs stay under the two-minute mark, tunes like "Bad Signs" and "The Solution" are aggressive pieces of music that have a refreshing feel, especially for a band that has been around almost fourteen years. The sixty-five seconds that make up "Trust No Face" is a quick-hitting, hardcore metal attack that takes no prisoners, along with the ninety seconds of "Mind At War," which leaves a path of destruction. The album finishes with the mixed tempo of the thunderous rhythm of "Both Of You" and the mainstream metal screams of "Deep Rooted." To find out more about Terror and their latest release "The Twenty Fifth Hour," please visit

Israel metal band Matricide have released only their second album in the last seven years, but for the band, it's more about quality and quantity. The new album is entitled "When Random Turns To Fate" features nine hardcore metal tracks, beginning with thunderous attack of "Further From The End."  They follow with two-and-a-half minutes of adrenaline pumping metal that is sure to appeal to your aggressive side in "Wear & Tear." The screaming vocals of "Not An Option" and mainstream metal appeal of "Burn Me With Your Sun" should have Matricide turning heads and making people notice their high-quality, high-energy delivery of hardcore heavy metal. To find out more about Matricide and their latest release "When Random Turn To Fate," please visit their Facebook page at

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