Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Ben Lovett, Casey Buckley, Pete Berwick, Adam Zwig and Buenos Diaz

American singer/songwriter/composer Ben Lovett has taken on a new project titled "Lovers & Friends." It is a four-disc set of EPs featuring a collection of collaborations with Lovett and other L.A.-based songwriters. The first of the four discs was released on September 18 and begins with the vintage sounding pop/rock groove of "Just Ain't Right." His first collaboration is with Only You lead singer Rachel Fannan on the uptempo, post-punk rocker "Temporary Stars." Former member of The Mowgli's, Michael Vincze lends a hand to "Follow The Sound," before Lovett closes the album with the smooth folk/rock melodies of "Came A Long Way," with lead vocals supplied by Sydney Wayser. To find out more about Ben Lovett's latest project "Lovers & Friends," please visit

New Jersey singer/songwriter Casey Buckley will be releasing his debut album, "Take The Good" on October 16th. He has performed alongside other great songwriters like Howie Day and Pat McGee and used that experience for his latest release. Beginning with "Take Me There," Casey's vocals are gentle and inviting as an acoustic guitar is all that supports his needs. The pop music feel of "The One To Lose" has success written all over it and before you know it, Casey's music finds it way to your soul with "Moment Of Silence." He gives a classic folk feel to "Lover Who May" as his delivery makes him seem like a seasoned artist. The warm tones of "Gravity Defying Tears" and "Still Confused" will leave you wanting more from this rising young star. To find out more about Casey Buckley and his new album "Take The Good," please visit

Country songwriter Pete Berwick has been a staple on the road for over 35 years and has also managed to bang out five albums. His most recent was released back in July and tells "The Legend Of Tyler Doohan." The story revolves around some dark heroics, while Pete's songs sound like the second-coming of outlaw country music. Beginning with the title song, Pete Berwick pours all his emotions into this aggressively strumming acoustic country rocker. His voice is raw and genuine as he looks for a solution with "The Proof Is In The Whiskey," before picking up the tempo with the rockabilly/punk feel of "She's Too Wild For Me." He pours his country influences into the storied stomp of "Ain't Goin' Back To Memphis," then forces his experiences on you with the convincing "Let Your Heart Cry Out." The album finishes with the country/punk attitude of "See You In Hell" and the closer "Everything's Waiting." To find out the latest happenings with country artist Pete Berwick, please visit his Facebook page at

From Portland, OR comes a new live album from singer/songwriter Adam Zwig. Recorded at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, CA. It will released through Conscious Records this fall (date TBD) and features Zwig rocking out to ten originals and one cover song. The album begins with that cover song which happens to be Bob Dylan's "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues." It is also the first single from the new album and it already reached #9 on the Adult Contemporary singles chart. As Zwig gets into his own compositions, you hear a relaxed, but energized tone to his vocals as he delivers the smooth rockers "Once A True Love" and "Stars Shooting." He mixes the tempos very well between the country twang of "Going Back to L.A." and the storied folk sweetness of "I Remember You." The album finishes with the sing-along chorus of "When All The World Was In Love" and the funk-groove of "Raising People" as Zwig does a masterful job drawing you into his message of a higher purpose. To find out more about Adam Zwig and his new album "Live At The Wiltern Theatre," please visit his Facebook page at

From Texas comes the latest release from the Tex-Mex musical project Buenos Diaz entitled "Urbanized New Wave Texican." With a few failed attempts to get the album made, leader Nick Diaz finally found a way to make is all come together. The new seven-song EP begins with the short 90-second, Tarantino-like Western introduction "Mi Corazon Muerto," which leads into the Chino, blues rock of "The Chaka." Then things get little heavier with the guitar infused attack of "Concrete Hell" and "Love Instantly," before laying the groundwork for the storied lyrics of "Sophisticated Gentlemen." The EP closes with the adventurous build-up of "Faces," which shows the diversity Buenos Diaz puts into the performance. To find out more about the latest release from Buenos Diaz, please visit

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