Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CD Review: Singer/Songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal Gives Us A Glimpse Into The "Afterlife"

From Chapel Hill, NC comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal entitled "Afterlife." After decades of producing "feel-good" folk music, his big break came in 2007 when his song "Edmonton" lead him to a country-wide tour across the continent. This was followed with Tokyo finally getting recognition in the U.S. with the hit Americana single "St. Patrick's Day." His latest album features ten tracks that continues Tokyo's road to success as he produces some of the best music of his career.
Beginning with "The Bunk House," his sound seems familiar and fresh at the same time as you instantly get wrapped up in his storytelling lyrics. The simple, gentle touch of "Bury My Ashes" and the quicker pace of "Shreveport" showcases Tokyo's experiences in the music industry as he captures every emotion with his words and music. He has fun in his delivery of "The Cold War" as you can't help but get hooked, while the slow movement of "What Would Have Happened?" tells the tale of love loss. The album finishes with the heart-warming feel of "All In Time" as Tokyo's voice continues to sound timeless.
Tokyo Rosenthal has a string of dates that runs all the way into November. For a complete list of live shows and to find out more about his latest release "Afterlife," please visit

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