Saturday, September 12, 2015

CD Review: Tommy Keene Returns With New Studio Album "Laugh In The Dark"

American singer/songwriter Tommy Keene found critical acclaim in the 80's with a string of new wave/pop albums and again in 2013 with his covers record entitled "Excitement At Your Feet." He just released his 12th full-length studio album "Laugh In The Dark" on September 4th through Second Motion Records. The last six years have been very fruitful for Keene, producing four albums in six years as this most recent album could be considered one of his best.

Beginning with the up-tempo rocker "Out Of My Mind," Keene shows no signs of slowing down as he incorporates some of that new wave punk sound into his latest project. He rips off some big guitars riffs with the "Last Of The Twilight Girls" as Keene sounds like he is in his late-twenties instead of his late-fifties. His knack for writing pop hooks is present in "All The Lights Are Alive" and "I Belong To You," before the nineties, alternative vibe comes shining through "Alone In These Modern Times." The album finishes with the southern blues feel of "Go Back Home" and the grand, psychedelic experiment of "All Gone Away." To find out more about Tommy Keene and his latest release "Laugh In The Dark," please visit his website at

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Anonymous said...

Sold me on this...I'm a sucker for all-things Power Pop. Steve