Thursday, September 24, 2015

CD Review: Victory Records Unleashes New Music From Conveyer And Neurotic November

A couple new releases from Victory Records that are making waves in the metal music scene are the latest from Conveyer and Neurotic November. Both bands have recently released what could be considered their greatest efforts yet. Beginning with Conveyer, we get latest album titled "When Given Time To Grow," from this Minnesota Christan metal band. Don't expect any soft hymns from this band, right from the opening track, "Shining," they are out to take you prisoner with their hardcore metal sound. The screams of "Haven"  and the punk-like speed of "Nothing" shows the dedication that Conveyer have in their cause of promoting the word of God into peoples lives. The quick, two-minute melody of "Cage" is an interesting mix of soft music and hardcore vocals, while "Ruined" is hard-hitting and exciting. The eleven-song album finishes with nu-metal groove of "Daughter" and the tempo changing delivery of "Impatience." To find out more about Conveyer and their latest album "When Given Time To Grow," please visit their Facebook page at
Also recently released is the new album from Miami's nu-metal band Neurotic November. Available on September 18th, "Fighting Words" is the band's reaction to the lack of support they've been receiving from the underground metal scene. The new eleven-song release begins with the short, 60-second rapping "NNtro," which leads into the the electronic metal screams of "The Truth About You." They speed things up with the hardcore attack of "So Hollow," then return to the hip-hop metal clash of "Everglades." They finish up the album with the sprawling rap/growl vocals of "2004-Present" and the heavy metal/hip-hop mix of the confusing "Wasabi Anguish Pt. II." To find out more about Neurotic November and their latest release "Fighting Words," please visit their Facebook page at

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