Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Concert Review: Anthrax And Motorhead Join Forces At The Dome Of The Oakdale Theatre

The small town of Wallingford, CT became the mecca of heavy metal music Tuesday night when thrash metal legends Anthrax shared the stage with the immortal Lemmy and Motorhead. The Dome at the Toyota presents the Oakdale Theatre was the ideal setting for this adrenaline fueled evening of fast, loud, high energy and high volume music.
The night's festivities began a half hour before the advertised start time with a short, thirty-minute set from the Pennsylvania metal band Crobot. Lead singer, Brandon Yeagley kept the crowd involved as they performed about half-a-dozen songs from their 2014 debut album "Something Supernatural."
After a 30-minute set change, the audience was still filing in to the "standing room only" club-like Dome at the Oakdale Theatre. As the lights went out, an evil red glow shone from the back of the stage, then New York thrash metal band Anthrax overtook the audience with their brand of energy and style. Lead singer Joey Belladonna was in complete control of the crowd, whether it was to sing along to the chorus of "Madhouse" or fist pump shouts of "no more" during the intense "Fight'em Til You Can't." Guitarist Scott Ian's introduction to "Caught In A Mosh," signaled the beginning of the night's first movement, as a "mosh pit" opened up in the middle of audience. Anthrax paid homage to their fallen idol Ronnie James Dio with a spot on cover of Black Sabbath's "Neon Knights," before closing their fifty-minute set with high octane drumming of Charlie Benante in support of "Indians."
As Motorhead took the stage at ten o'clock, cameras and phones came out of everywhere to capture images of the heavy metal legend Lemmy on what could be his last visit to Connecticut. Earlier in the month, Lemmy had a health scare when he had to end a couple of Motorhead shows early and postpone the tour due to a lung infection. He seemed in high spirits this night as he received a roaring applause following the band's opener "No Class." You felt the drumming of Mikkey Dee pounding your chest during "Stay Clean" and "Doctor Rock" as the energy within The Dome grew during "Over The Top." Lemmy stood stoic behind his microphone, while guitarist Phil Campbell covered the stage, performing his quick solos during "Lost Woman Blues" and "Bomber." The crowd erupted during the insanely fast delivery of "Ace Of Spades" as crowd surfing and mosh pits took up most of the real estate in front of the stage.
A quick break brought the boys back out to close their seventy-plus minute set with the speed and intensity of "Overkill." Although Lemmy may not be in his prime anymore, he still demanded your attention with his presence and professional performance. If the night taught us anything, it is that Lemmy will be forever young in the eyes of his fans.

Anthrax Setlist: Madhouse, Caught In A Mosh, Got The Time, Antisocial, Fight'em Til You Can't, Medusa, Neon Knights, In The End, Indians

Motorhead Setlist: No Class, Stay Clean, Metropolis, Over The Top, The Chase Is Better Than Catch, Rock It, Lost Woman Blues, Doctor Rock, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, Bomber, Ace Of Spades, Overkill

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