Monday, October 26, 2015

CD Review: Chris Isaak And Shawn Mullins Return With Career Defining Albums

Modern day rockabilly crooner Chris Isaak will return with his first album of original material in six years. The new album "First Comes The Night" was released through Wicked Game Records in association with Vanguard Records on October 23rd. This album follows his critically acclaimed 2011 tribute to Sun Records, "Beyond The Sun," but shows Isaak digging back to his "Baja Sessions" for some of his best songwriting in over a decade. On this new album, Isaak steps-back to his classic, laid-back L.A. style with the acoustic sway of the opener "First Comes The Night" as his voice can still warm your soul. He reminds us of his signature boogie-shuffle rhythm on the guitar blazing "Please Don't Call" and also with the hip-swinging of "Down In Flames." He swoons his way to your heart with the seductive feel of "Kiss Me Like A Stranger," before bringing out the fun sounds of "Don't Break My Heart." The album closes with the gentle country-folk delivery of "The Way Things Really Are," which will have you hitting replay as soon as the last note fades out. To find out more about Chris Isaak and his new album "First Comes The Night," please visit
Singer/songwriter Shawn Mullins returns with his first new album in over five years. The name of the new release is "My Stupid Heart" and should easily find its way to your music playlist. It was also released on October 23rd through Sugar Hill/Rounder Records. He looks to return to his glory days of his 1998 break-through album "Soul's Core" as Mullins tries to revisit that winning formula for this new album. He pours his emotions into these new songs, as the opener "The Great Unknown" and confessional "My Stupid Heart" sound authentic because of Mullins' deep baritone vocals. He copies the blueprint of his hit single "Lullabye" for "It All Comes Down To Love" as his delivery of the lyrics is uncanny, after showing his plea for peace and unity in the explosiveness of "Ferguson." He showcases his Americana side with "Gambler's Heart" and shows us his country roots with "Never Gonna Let Her Go," before closing the album with the acoustic strumming of "Pre-Apocalyptic Blues." To find out more about Shawn Mullins and his latest release "My Stupid Heart," please visit his website at

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Unknown said...

Thank you JP. Been a fan of Shawn Mullins for a long, long time. Maybe what drew me to his music was a familiar soul in his writing, in the way he voiced his poetry. I think he reminded me of a world I'd come to realize was out there for taking-still. I first felt this as a little girl at 5 when I started my journey in life with a Kris Kristofferson soundtrack.

Thanks again,

Amy Baldwin West