Thursday, October 1, 2015

CD Review: Concord Music Group Rolls Out Deluxe Editions Of Paul McCartney Albums

On October 2nd, MPL in association with the Concord Music Group will release the latest in the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, "Tug Of War" and "Pipes Of Peace." Both album have received platinum status in album sales, with "Tug Of War" topping the album charts in the U.S. and the U.K. As the dawn of music videos becoming another outlet to release music, not only did the songs have to be catchy, but if you created a memorable video then you were guaranteed to have a hit single. Paul McCartney was not new to music videos as he created them with The Beatles, but now they were going to be shown on music video network that ran 24-hours a day. So, each single, from the "Tug Of War" and Pipes Of Peace" albums were accompanied with a music video. These latest new releases gathers those videos as a bonus DVD with the deluxe editions, which also contains 3CDs for "Tug Of War" (the original album remastered, a newly remixed version of album and bonus disc of demos and outtakes) and 2CDs for "Pipes Of Peace."(the original album remastered and a disc of demos and outtakes).
The new remix of "Tug Of War" has a very refreshing feel to the music, which sounds so clear and spacious. Originally produced by George Martin, the new remix of the album was done by McCartney with Steve Orchard. While some of the songs still carry a dated, eighties feel ("What's That You're Doing?" and "Dress Me Up As A Robber") many of the tracks have that timeless "Beatles" feel, as with "Here Today," his dedication to John Lennon and "Ebony And Ivory," his duet with Stevie Wonder. Fans will definitely want to get their hands on the bonus disc which has the stripped down demos of six songs featured on the album, including "Wanderlust" and "Take It Away." Also on the bonus disc are the outtake songs "Rainclouds" and "I'll Give You A Ring" that were not included on the final album, but great songs and deserve to be heard. The DVD included with "Tug Of War" features the music videos for "Tug Of War," "Take It Away" and "Ebony And Ivory," along with a an 18-minute documentary on the "making of" the "Take It Away" music video.
George Martin would return to produce McCartney's follow-up album "Pipes Of Peace," which did not quite match the sales of "Tug Of War," but did produce the #1 single "Say, Say Say," a duet with Michael Jackson. The album showed McCartney's talent for writing pop gems, while experimenting less with his sound on this album and just using his strengths in songwriting. It's also nice to hear the sweet harmonizing of "The Man," co-written with Michael Jackson. The bonus disc brings in five demos for songs from the album as you get a glimpse into the song's stripped-down structure. The disc also features three outtakes from the album, "Ode To A Koala Bear" (B-side to "Say, Say, Say"), "Twice In A Lifetime" (title song from 1985 film) and the previously unreleased "Christian Bop." The DVD that accompanies the deluxe edition features the music videos for "Pipes Of Peace," "So Bad" and "Say, Say, Say," along with home video footage during the recording of the album. Both of these albums are a welcome upgrade to the Paul McCartney catalog and continues to prove that the "Paul McCartney Archive Collection" is still striving and creating great new, "must have" releases. To find out more about "Tug Of War" and "Pipes Of Peace," please visit and

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