Monday, October 19, 2015

CD Review: Exciting New Music From Some Top Underground Artists That Need To Be Discovered

From L.A. comes the full-length debut album from Ships Have Sailed titled "Moodswings." The duo of Will Carpenter and Dan Hange are the brains behind their brand electro-pop/rock. The new eleven-song release begins with the slow build-up of "Drive" as they have the right balance of pop hooks and songwriting expertise. The have the perfect recipe for pop success with "Summertime" as you can easily find yourself singing along to the chorus. The stomp/clap rhythm of "If Only" is guaranteed to raise your spirits, while the two-minute "Criminal" is a great, but an all too short, atmospheric experimentation. The album finishes with the big arena rock sound of "Insomnia" and on the flipside we get the acoustic folk/pop feel of "Imaginary Friend." To find out more about Ships Have Sailed and their latest release "Moodswings," please visit
From Chicago comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Luke Underhill. It features an unplugged version of his rock album "Atlas." This new release, "Atlas Unplugged" showcases the amazing vocals of Luke Underhill without any overdubs or extra instrumentation, as everything is stripped away except for a piano or acoustic guitar. Beginning with "Stars," the songs have a deeper meaning when they are done in this context. He brings to light his folk side with the depths his brings us in "The Working Man's Daughter," but he also still carries that pop sensibility with "No More Like Me." The short eight-song album closes with the wonderful heartfelt delivery of "To Love And Let Go." To find out more about Luke Underhill and his latest release "Atlas Unplugged," please visit
From Louisville, KY we get the latest EP from singer/songwriter Nick Peay titled "Sobering." He combines his love for acoustic music with a "jam band" rock sound is in the opening numbers "Put This Bottle Down" and "Every Morning." The emotion of the music is easily portrayed through the music as he switches to a bluesier sound in "I Won't Fall In Love" and in the heartfelt ballad "Sobering." To find out more about Nick Peay and his latest release "Sobering," please visit
From New York comes the new EP titled "Killing Dinosaurs" from the punk rock band Bad Mary. The quick six-song album begins with the band pounding away at "Soapbox" as the vocals of Amanda Mac strive on the song's energy. The band continues to excite you with fast-paced rhythm of "Want What I Want" and the seventies punk-like fury of "Hanging Around." They finish with the raw, garage rock attraction of "One More Song." To find out more about Bad Mary and the latest release "Killing Dinosaurs, please visit
From Chicago comes the latest release from the folk duo Trinadora titled "Trinadora Sounds." The new eleven-track release is an enlightening breath of freshness as the harmonies and simple, sometimes singular instrumentation, is all that is needed to convey the song's emotion. Beginning with the waltz-like movement of "Like The Waters Of A Bayou," the duo of Ron Holm and Jannie Nelson get things flowing with the song's up-tempo feel. Jannie's voice is beautiful in the piano ballad "Is It True?," while the Roy Orbison inspired "Should I Say It" is a lovely folk/pop gem. The wonderfully country vibe of "Dust" and the acoustic blues of "Thorn In My Heart" shows that this duo are more than a typical folk duo as they branch out into these other genres with much success. To find out more about Trinadora, please visit
Finally we get the latest EP from Chainflower entitled "The Broken & Lovely." This very short, two-song release has the LA rock band showing great excitement and potential with the grunge metal sound of "Lewd Blues." The flipside is a Dead Whether-type "Hell's Roll" is a raw rocker with a great rhythm, topped by the great vocals of Erika Renee. To find out more about Chainflower, please visit their Facebook page at

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